A TrustSwap Vs Aga Casestudy — What A Legit Illiterate Learned About Tokenomy From Recent Altcoin And Defi Buzz?

Within this cryptoulog, i looked at the tokenomics for ‘Trustswap (SWAP) and the AGA token’ and i do so as a legitimate illiteracy within the course of this livestream. On this, i build a basis for further discussion, where i highlight what i have learned so far, having looked at many projects emanating due to the recent altcoin and DEFI buzz. Here is a draft of keypoints that i discussed as i further formulate the tokenomics for CryptoUlogs, a side-project i am currently developing:

  • Promise doesn’t mean it will be obtainable.
  • Audit by third party doesn’t either.
  • You can compete with bots. Do you curb it?
  • Pre-sale issues.
  • It is not only about it being deflationary.
  • Pump and dump or bulls or bears or demand and supply isn’t sustainable.
  • Community participation.
  • A loyalty factor.
  • Social is valuable.
  • Low marketcap has an impact but there are exceptions.
  • Fees.
  • Governance sells but is it overhyped. Is blockchain always needed?
  • How can you incite holders to stir growth, to market it instead of just you.
  • Defi tokeneconomy on its own is not too sustainable.
  • Store of value may not be enough.
  • Small supply versus large supply
  • Simple and defined versus complex.
  • How do you make people want to hold?
  • Interoperability?
  • Can you stir participation even when token price seems high and unreachable.
  • Do you target wide reach?
  • Teardrops vs Airdrops
  • etc.

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Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on August 19, 2020.

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