Black Acres Of The Gambia — Can They Create Their Own Digital Currency Called BAG?

This is a cryptoulog, where i begin to formulate a paper that ‘Black acres of the Gambia’ can evolve in creating their own native digital currency, to power ‘Black acres of the Gambia’ and the ‘Africa to the world’ movement in general.

The ‘Black Acres of the Gambia’ movement will benefit from the creation of a digital currency and from a shift towards decentralized tools like ‘blockchain’, for many reasons. I will cover that in another video.

In this video, i will start the discussion for how ‘Black acres of the Gambia’ can begin to model out their own digital currency, even now, without much technical knowhow. We will also establish that it doesn’t require much technical knowhow to create a ‘BAG’ coin. Of more importance ‘the vision within the dream’!

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Originally published at on September 12, 2020.

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