‘Cryptocurrency’ And Money’s Uselessness. Legitimate Illiteracy Explains It. Chapter 2 — Owning The Bank

Below is a draft of a book that i have started writing. It will be the first book released from the Macrohard hub and will begin the process of enhancing the curriculum of ‘legitimate illiteracy’, the basis of an entire school that i have created, that everyone can school in.

By means of this book, i will incorporate ‘legitimate illiteracy’ with ‘cryptocurrency’, introducing is mix among participants of the Macrohard hub. Where copies of the books are sold, it will intimate the world about ‘cryptocurrency’ in a legitimate illiteracy way and proceeds from sales will go towards the evolution and sustenance of the Macohard hub. The Macrohard hub is currently located in the Philippines.

The video below, was recorded at the Macrohard hub and on it, i started the inception of this book:

I am trying to recover a bit from the passing of my dad. I didn’t play my role as son enough and it haunts me. This book will be dedicated to my parents. By its means, may i make them proud a bit and heal in turn.

Your boy Terry


Chapter 2 — Owning the bank

“Owning the bank”; has that been far-fetched? Not any longer; for today, you will own the bank’.

While others incessantly pursue money, you can create money. It will take minutes!

Today, within the course of ‘chapter 2’, we will create money.

Having covered chapter one, it is established: there is money and there is “money”. Our focus when we refer to ‘money’, is“your money”.Well, ‘your very own breed of money’.

If others decide to pursue ‘your money’, that is obtainable; not you! You own the bank now; fill it with your very own money; banks of it!

Un-ironically, you who incessantly pursues ‘money’, wonder how it rarely crosses your mind,‘owning the bank’?

“It is not your money!”

It is ‘money’, it is ‘generic money’; it was modeled without cognizance of you; it took ‘rats’ into account though.

Dis-ironically, the very race that human’s chase this ‘generic money’ in, is arat-race’. In this particular race, humans are ‘rat-like’, trample-able upon. If you think that is a coincidence? Think thrice!

Again, it is not your money! Those whose money it is, have it. They don’t seek it.

‘Money’ is modeled with its very own dynamics, minted by unknown faces, having its very own spirit. Modeled it is to perpetrate a ‘cycle of half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism’.

Baffling it is or isn’t it, that till date, we have had one standard ‘money-standard’ tying the entire globe. Each nation simply maintaining a peg of the same ‘money-standard’.

Each ‘money’ has its own dynamics, its own spirit, its own model. Where are the other moniese then? Why have we all pursued the same money? Where is your very own money? Show me and i will bank in it!

Yes, that particular money that doesn’t have your face on it, why do you seek it so much? It has its own dynamics, its own economics, its own bill and it is not of you. It can inflate tomorrow; till tomorrow. It doesn’t care.You are its indices. To those behind it, ‘bulls or bears’ is primary; you(‘humans’) are secondary.

How did the narratives of this ‘painted world’ capture us so much? Where are our stubborn genes? Isn’t it questionable of us as humans, how ‘one money’ manages to influence us; an entire globe of us? Where are our stubborn genes? How do we all manage a shared identity? How did we become so captured; our very identity trapped into ‘a boolean’ (i.e ‘money/no-money’)?

A stone will struggle to capture two birds. Of humans, ‘half-a-stone’ captures an entire populace. @surpassinggoogle

“There is a growing rarity in the ‘great men’ industry. We fix this rarity, we surpass google.” @surpassinggoogle

Once again, where is your money?

‘Your money’ will ‘stick with Papa’! Wherever it is, ‘it will come to Papa’, wanting to be hosted by you. It is bound to seek you. You are bound to own banks of it. With “your money”, you can buy skyscrapers and gift them out.

You created it. It is secondary!

It is important to answer the a-asked questions. Why so? Well, now that you desire ‘creating your own money’, are you simply re-creating ‘money’,that ‘generic money’ tied to lavishness, luxury, inflation and rats?

Can you create strong money, money that people want to hold? Can you fill your bank with this particular breed of money? What properties will your money have? Will your money further tension among humans? Will it spearhead a mouse-race? Will your money carry a prayer? Can your money retain value whether ‘bulls or bears’? Is your money truly yours? If so, who are you?

Indeed, we have luxuries now that weren’t once obtainable. There is ‘cryptocurrency’ now! Well, there is ‘blockchain’ too, a public distributed ledger to document and verify financial transactions.

Alas, you just owned the bank!

Even so, there are some more questions to be answered, tangible to the formulation of ‘your money’, especially if your money is intended for public-use.


Are humans truly capable of exhibiting poverty? Is poverty really earth’s problem? Is reward-distribution the solution?

At this stage, it is important to re-look at the state of the world. What is the true state of the world? Do we know it? Do you know your place in it? Do we live in a ‘painted world’? Do we live in a world where ‘money is the smaller things’?

“In a world filled with full-blown humans, money is the smaller things.” @surpassinggoogle

How did ‘money’ manage to become ‘god’, ‘the sought-after’, ‘the solution-bringer’? Is this what money truly constitutes or is this what money constitutes in a ‘painted world’? Is a painted world, a real world?

Now, checking again, is the world really that poor? Are humans truly capable of exhibiting poverty or is it the ‘human shine’ that is tarnished, relegated into redundancy?

Are your human capabilities intact? In this ‘painted world’, where ‘money’ holds sway, are your human virtues evolved? How much of your human do you still exert, with or without money? Are we trapped into ‘a boolean’ (i.e ‘money/no-money;).

Is there a tunnel? Is there light inside the tunnel? Can lights go right inside tunnels? Why then is the world permeated with the narrative, ‘wait till the end of the tunnel, to find light’? Is there an end to this tunnel? Are we in these tunnels; constantly seeking the end of it?

Now, we can better-model your very own money.

Where poverty was never the issue, ‘reward-distribution’ isn’t the right tissue.

Not a soul made in Jehovah’s image is truly capable of exhibiting poverty.

All along, when it looked like poverty was the issue, it was the ‘human shine’ that was missing, never-tapped or pummeled into relegation and even ‘into redundancy’ due to circumstances or due to the narratives and curriculum(s) renown by world-standards, that are modeled to favor mining things like ‘money, talent, luxury, fiction, ‘the brain’, beauty’ over ‘mining the human’.

The world simply needs a balance. For this to happen, humans must begin to become ‘full-blown humans‘; their ‘shine’ intact.

Value needs to be returned to humans. In a world filled with ‘full-blown humans’, money can’t be ‘the end’. In a world filled with humans who shine, ‘money is the smaller things’.

Going back to ‘what the world has come to think of itself’, aren’t these things just ‘labels/narratives’ at best?

“They are poor; let us fix them”; “we are poor, let’s exhaust everything to feed/get rich”; hasn’t the world evolved into grander things than just these labels or narratives?

I CCTV-ed the world and found out its ‘truest state’ and the issues with the world, weren’t that much of issues. Many of these so-called ‘issues’ have been sand-boxed into a ‘cycle’.

For the cycle to exist, you are fed ‘buzz-words and consolation’, till your very ‘shine’ enters relegation.

They take ‘your shine’ and inter-mix it into ‘new-found buzz-words’ and while you are left in strife & competition among your brothers, they process ‘your shine’ further; they mine it, add it into a ‘giant pot of shine(s)’ and show it as ‘light’ at the ‘tunnel-mouth’. Then, they console and re-console you with these ‘ever-formulating buzz-words’ and you become ‘the tunnel’.

Wait, who said ‘you are in a tunnel’; that you have to ‘wait till to the end of the tunnel’? You?

The issues that constitute ‘real issues’ in the world, are very-fixable. Today!

The so-called “No money”, isn’t an issue either. We will fix that today!

As for the tunnels, it simply needed light. Yes, ‘lights therein’! All that was lost was ‘the human shine’. Lights can go into tunnels or tunnels can restore their lights. It is easy.

Our focus is not to help you create money; it is to help you create ‘your money’; that ‘money’ (at large) becomes secondary.

A mentality-adjustment.

Now, in the process of formulating the model behind your money, there has to be established cognizance of ‘who you are’.

If you are formulating a currency that is ‘public’ (i.e to be used by others), it is the important to be assured of the ‘true state of the world’, knowing what exists of it. As such, you can create a currency, that integrates with it, that impacts it.

To both effects, we are helping you ‘mine your humanin the process of creating your money.

Otherwise, where you maintain a ‘shared identity’, even though you can now ‘create money’ (courtesy of tools like ‘cryptocurrency & blockchain’), your money turns out ‘generic’, replaying similar tenets as ‘traditional money’.

In this chapter, we have begun the process of helping you ‘create your very own money and a bank to store it in’. Our ‘legitimate illiteracy’ approach to explaining these ‘money’ concepts will give you balanced insight, equipping you in understanding ‘cryptocurrencies’ at large.

Yes, by virtue of ‘cryptocurrency’, you can create ‘your very own money’. You can also create your very own bank. If you decide to make your money‘public’, you and others can become ‘billionaires’ in your very own currency.

By virtue of this money, you can become a ‘generation-fixer’, creating your own wealth.‘You can buy skyscrapers and gift them out’. Alas, others now can too!

‘Cryptocurrency’ possesses the general properties of money but you can customize cryptocurrency to your taste. It doesn’t have the core limitations of money.

Like traditional money, cryptocurrency can be minted and transferred from person to person. It can be inflated too. Altogether, there needs to be records of its transactions, one that is verifiable, accountable and immutable; that is where a ‘blockchain’ (similar to a central bank but ‘decentralized’) comes in.

After creating your cryptocurrency, to keep it in your possession, you will need a ‘cryptocurrency-wallet’ (‘your own bank’), one that only you can access.

If your ‘cryptocurrency’ is open to the public, people will need to have their own cryptocurrency-wallets (‘their banks’) too, wallets that only they can access. Each cryptocurrency-wallet is capable of transferring and receiving funds.

Technically, ‘a basic cryptocurrency-wallet’ is capable of performing every financial action that a traditional bank can.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrency-based ‘financial transactions’ are stored on a ‘blockchain’, which isn’t centrally controlled. In the ‘cryptocurrency’ financial-system, everyone can participate regardless of who they are because everyone can access a blockchain’s data, which is public and immutable.

The very inception of ‘your cryptocurrency’ constitutes a ‘blockchain feature’. Thus, its existence is recorded on a blockchain.

Each time you mint of your cryptocurrency, it is recorded on the blockchain too. Then, as you begin to distribute your cryptocurrency to others, the blockchain maintains records of each wallet holding your cryptocurrency and their transactions.

Being a more decentralized financial-system, you don’t have any control over how others interact with your cryptocurrency. Anonymous or public parties can transact in your currency, without your permission and without the permission of central bodies like banks, legal entities or government. Similar to how you can gain insight to their financial transactions, they can gain insight into yours. For instance, you can find out all the transactions, carried out by ‘bc1qa0e24rdvnc2aszdm5dnt4nfj3zs2u0se5j2sa9 ‘ (a bitcoin wallet address)by pasting it into the search-box found on ‘https://www.blockchain.com/explorer(a bitcoin blockchain explorer)

These days blockchain(s) have evolved to offering ‘smart contract’ capabilities, making for a well-optimized ‘decentralized bank’. As such, you can relegate your control over the emission and distribution of your cryptocurrency, delegating it to a ‘smart contract’, which self-executes in an irreversible manner, according to pre-defined ‘public’ parameters that you programmed into it, making for a more ‘trust-less currency’.

A popular example of a blockchain that offers this ‘smart contract’ featureis the ‘Ethereum blockchain’. On the basis of this unique ‘computing’ capability, the Ethereum blockchain offers another revolutionary feature, ‘creating your cryptocurrency’.

Not every blockchain offers the aforementioned features. The popular Bitcoin blockchain doesn’t!

At this point, let us reiterate that it is not that easy to create a digital currency that the masses want to use. While the process of ‘creating a cryptocurrency’ in itself, can be completed in minutes, accomplish-able by everyone as anyone can interact with a blockchain without needing the permission of a central authority, having people recognize your cryptocurrency as ‘money’ or as ‘a store of value’ needs extra-formulation.

One basic issue is ‘trust’. Unless people can rely on your reputation or what you represent, you will need to provide them a ‘cryptocurrency’ that they can trust.

Without ‘central entities’, like ‘banks, a legal system or government’ that people have had to put their ‘trust’ in, with ‘traditional money’, you will need to provide them ‘a cryptocurrency’ that is trust-less. Altogether,you’ll need to create a currency that marvels you, then you can introduce this marvel of a money to others.

For example, in the case of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that attained a tangible level of recognition and acceptance, a pertinent ‘trust’ questionthat needed answering was ‘how do we know that the creator of BTC, won’t digitally tamper the BTC records to steal 21,000,000 BTC for themselves?

Which they answered by means of a blockchain that is tamper-proof.

Subsequently, a pertinent ‘value’ question that needed answering was ‘how to we know that Bitcoin won’t over-inflate and lose its value’.

Which they answered with a ‘proof of work’ mechanics that is distributed and a hash technology that ensures that ‘bitcoin’ can’t be faked, hacked or over-inflated.

We will expand on the above, in later chapters…

These day, it is not a question of ‘creating a cryptocurrency’. Everyone can accomplish that, with minimal know-how. A basic cryptocurrency does have inherent properties of ‘traditional money’, without its limitations. By default, being a product of a blockchain, a cryptocurrency can be transferred, audited, minted etc.

It is established, you can ‘create a cryptocurrency’ (‘money’) but can you create your cryptocurrency’(i.e ‘your money’)?

In later chapters, we will be analyzing a variety of blockchain(s), paying particular attention to a blockchain called ‘Hive’ (i.e ‘https://hive.io‘), to see what it has to offers in terms of helping you ‘create your own cryptocurrency’.

As we progress, we will also cover topics like ‘tokenomics’, ‘creating your blockchain’, ‘creating your DAPP’, equipping you with all that you will require to relegate the position of ‘money’ in society to that of the ‘smaller things’.

**Giant footnote**

In the simple phrase i.e ‘money is the smaller things’, there is so much power! Living in a ‘painted world’, one where ‘money’ hold sway, humans continue to lose value.

Ironically, perhaps preemptively, in a world formulated in such a way that ‘money garners all the value’, we turn out ‘half-humans’. In a world where‘a cycle of hand-to-mouthsim’ is the main paradigm, where ‘money is the sought-after’, each human suddenly constitutes ‘a client’.

Grasping the dynamics behind ‘money is the smaller things’, we begin to tap into new aspects of our ‘human’, that ‘money’ has managed to relegate.

We begin to exhaust a long list of humanly-exhaustible actions, that we once haven’t undertaken because “i can’t function without money”, relegating the role of money in our society.

Once value is removed from money and re-distributed back among humans, humans begin to hold value. Some of the ‘paint’ from the ‘painted world’ begins to fade, making for a more realistic world.

Money does have some spirit to it. It is weak overall though. You just have to look at it, till it loses it gaze and ‘it will come to Papa’, wanting to be hosted by you. Yes, its dynamics is that simple!

“Where money can begin to turn you off, it will begin to seek you on.”@surpassinggoogle

There are testimonies to this! Keeping it simple, let’s look at the likes of Facebook and Google for instance…

How exactly have they managed to make ‘billions’ in revenue and managed to influence the world and hold it accountable for ages? How exactly is it, that money seeks this entities out?

Well, they create ‘venture upon venture’ modeled to ‘mine humans’. Putting cookies in your web-browsers, they manage to tap deep into your human, into your very spirit, gaining access to your ‘elements, definition, gene-formation etc’ and as such become god-like, capable of holding you accountable, capable of influencing you continuously.

Taking control of your mine, they have come to know you more than you know yourself, while you know nothing about them. You can’t hold them accountable, neither can you influence them. They become the standard!

Note that, in the comfort of your home, while using ‘Facebook’, you are an epitome of yourself! Not weary of your environment, you emanate forth your very innermost elements, offering this ‘human shine’ obliviously and freely to Facebook, who have valued these aspects of you, perhaps more than you.

That they have tried to ‘mine humans’, money has began to seek them.

Where you take control of that mine, money will begin to seek you.

The concept of ‘money is the smaller things’ doesn’t apply to ‘money’ only. Money is just one of many things, that garner more value than humans, in today’s painted world. The concept of ‘money is smaller things’ thus, applies to every other thing that manages to relegate the role of humans in society.

For instance, how does google manage to control us? How can’t they, when today, perhaps 80% of our brain or its capacity is ‘google’.

@surpassinggoogle has a creation called ‘Ulogs‘, a form of content intended to ‘serve the search-engines with fresh pieces of human’, refilling the internet with humans.

‘Money is the smaller things’ is the basis for the shirt below. May you obtain a copy of this shirt, adorn yourself in it, take up the mantle of ‘Money is the smaller things’ and pass the message across to every passerby in your way, for ‘humanity is the brother next to you’.

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

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More About ‘Money Is The Smaller Things’

This a ulog-quote ‘Money is the smaller things’ is derived from the curriculum of ‘legitimate illiteracy’.

Legitimate Illiteracy intends to reveal the ‘rare intel’ contained in the no-books as derived from the down-to-earth spaces of mama earth. This knowledge is tangible to the collective human evolution.

Well, to abate the rarity in the ‘great men’ industry, there needs to be a revelation of ‘the no-books’ to compliment what has been written of ‘the books’. By this means, knowledge becomes whole (balanced), better formulated for ‘human evolution’ and this is where ‘legitimate illiteracy’ comes in.

You give money the place of ‘god’ and you will have to pursue it. In the painted world of today however, ‘money’ does appear to be everything.

Yes, we say ‘painted world’ to say that many things in the world of today are illusionary when looked at more intently. Instead of the term ‘look at more intently’ in this case, it is better to say, ‘see many more things!’

Many times, it isn’t about ‘looking’ but about ‘how much we can see’.

‘Seeing’ is a simple concept, having nothing to do with educational-prowess or expertise-level. At times, it is an ability, a special gift!

“When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary.”@surpassinggoogle

When we begin to see many more things whenever we look at the world, we blur out some of its paint. Looking at the world then, it is becomes obvious what is ongoing. Its showy display, its glamour-look, its romance, become ordinary, for we can now see its curricula, its enterprise-model, its dealings.

It is structured in such a way, that ‘value’ is on-goingly distributed among every superficial, even ‘inanimate things’. It is curriculum-ed in such a way that sustains a ‘cycle of half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism’.

In eventuality, ‘value’ is continuously removed from ‘humans’ and distributed among inanimate, superficial things like money.

Embracing this now popular curriculum, one of ‘hand-to-mouthism’, humans begin to pursue ‘high after high’; ironically doing so while in a ‘rat-race’. In a bid to pursue these ‘highs’, we can suddenly afford to trample upon humans.

For instance, today, ‘success is tied to money’, ‘security is tied to career-ladders’, ‘favor is tied to good-looks’, ‘human-quality is tied to educational-highs’ etc. Chasing these popular ‘highs’, we compete with humans.

‘Money is the smaller things’ affects every industry today! Whether it is innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge-acquisition, human interaction etc, ‘money is the smaller things’ directly affects how much you can see, which in turn directly affects, where you stand. So, where do you stand?

Where you are conscious about money being the ‘smaller things’, each human activity suddenly constitutes an avenue to ‘relegate the place of money’, in a bid to return value to human.

‘Human activities’ that were once ‘ordinary’ thus, become ‘un-ordinary’, having more testimonial essence.

Now, let’s incorporate the playful dynamics above into the world of innovation. Realize that ‘innovation’, regardless of its complexity, will cater to humans?

While humans today, by virtue of even world-renown innovation, mostly constitutes ‘clients’, we can create ‘beautiful disruption’ by creating innovations that ‘celebrates humans’, that incites humans to tap into their shine, that targets ‘breakthrough in humans’ primarily, ‘money’ being the smaller things.

Modeling our innovation to ‘return value to humans’, the world begins to see more ‘generation-fixers, owners, humans, brothers etc’, that your once ‘ordinary innovation’ begins to rank great too!

Humans interact with your innovation to tap into their shine, providing more testimonial use-case for your innovation. By virtue of the resulting indispensability of your innovation, your innovation leaves the ranks of ‘generic’ and onto becoming a stand-out, renown, great.

Note: ‘innovation’ is just one example!

In general, humans begin to attain ‘full-blown humanhood’ and well, “in world filled with full-blown humans, money is the smaller things.”


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Your boy Terry


Provisional Curricular Activities

  • Sign up for a hive blockchain account. In a video, show the process of doing so.
  • Talk to us about your money thoughts. ‘Ulogging-style’ be as expressive as possible. Invite 3 people to the same.
  • Connect a Metamask extension to your Web-browser and create your first Ethereum wallet. Record a video documenting your progress.
  • etc.

Completing these curricular activities, will get you closer to getting a refund on your purchase and a bonus.

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