Cryptocurrency & Money’s Uselessness. Chapter 7 — Learning About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology Without Whitepapers.

Below is a draft of a book that i have started writing. It will be the first book released from the Macrohard hub and will begin the process of enhancing the curriculum of ‘legitimate illiteracy’, the basis of an entire school that i have created, that everyone can school in.

By means of this book, i will incorporate ‘legitimate illiteracy’ with ‘cryptocurrency’, introducing is mix among participants of the Macrohard hub. Where copies of the books are sold, it will intimate the world about ‘cryptocurrency’ in a legitimate illiteracy way and proceeds from sales will go towards the evolution and sustenance of the Macohard hub. The Macrohard hub is currently located in the Philippines.

The video below, was recorded at the Macrohard hub and on it, i started the inception of this book:

I am trying to recover a bit from the passing of my dad. I didn’t play my role as son enough and it haunts me. This book will be dedicated to my parents. By its means, may i make them proud a bit and heal in turn.

Your boy Terry


Chapter 7 — Learning About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology Without Whitepapers.

Once, I learned about a certain blockchain called ‘Steem’, without reading its whitepaper; after which I could peer at some ‘7000 cryptocurrencies’ and quite instantaneously gain insight into their ‘dynamics’ and understand the inner-workings of their respective ‘blockchain technologies’.

The Steem blockchain is the first blockchain that I came across. The ‘STEEM’ cryptocurrency, which is the native cryptocurrency of the steem blockchain was the first cryptocurrency that I interacted with.

As you will soon see, I learned about ‘Steem & STEEM’ by interacting with it and my approach to interacting with these technologies was ‘unconventional’.

I am a ‘legitimate illiterate’ and I tell you, it was only as difficult as ‘1, 2, 3’ to have learned about ‘Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology’. Baffling? Think thrice.

Speaking of ‘learning about ‘Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology’ without ‘whitepapers’; understanding ‘life and humans’ made the process easier; intending to further my understanding of ‘life and humans’ made the process much easier; understanding ‘legitimate illiteracy’ made the process entirely easy.

“Add some English into the Mathematics and even complexest Math equations suddenly become non-equations. For instance, ‘x + y = z’ is synonymous with ‘x plus y equals z’.”

Indeed, the ‘knowledge’ attainable today by virtue of the ‘painted world’, was intended to be ‘complex’, else it won’t sell! It is ‘outerspace’ knowledge. Ofcourse, there is so much hype about accruing this particular breed of knowledge. You even become ‘elite’ or ‘genius’ when you accrue it.

Alas, it is partial knowledge. On its own, it is not sufficiently tangible to ‘human evolution’. This partial knowledge isn’t ‘for everyone’. To accrue this partial knowledge, there exist ‘barriers-to-entry’.

It is no coincidence that the niche of ‘cryptocurrency and blockchain’ has appeared to be a ‘complex’ niche. It isn’t!

Compliment what is taught of it with some ‘legitimate illiteracy’ and it suddenly becomes available to every(any)one or as difficult to understand as ‘1, 2, 3’.

‘Outerspace’ knowledge needs to be complimented with ‘down-to-earth’ knowledge (i.e legitimate illiteracy), that ‘knowledge’ can become ‘whole’, tangible for human evolution.

By virtue of ‘knowledge’ that is ‘whole’, humans can better evolve, attaining ‘full-blown humanhood’. Having attained ‘full-blown humanhood’, nothing is ever complex.

What are we saying?

Typically, the route to learning and understanding the dynamics of ‘blockchains and cryptocurrencies’ is a ‘whitepaper’, referring to a certain document that outlines the nuances that define both technologies.

I had found ‘’ (‘a social media DAPP’) via the search-engines, organically.

I was neither tech-savvy nor cryptosavvy.

To find ‘’, I hadn’t used search-queries like ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘blockchain’ as I didn’t know of the existence of these terminologies.

Consequently, upon arrival on ‘’, I didn’t seek out its ‘whitepaper’ either. I wasn’t aware of the terminology ‘whitepaper’. turned out to be a ‘DAPP’ that accesses the steem blockchain; ‘a simple-looking ‘social media’ web-interface with an underlying blockchain’.

As it turned out, ‘’ also had a native cryptocurrency called ‘STEEM’.

Not knowing about ‘whitepapers’, I had looked for the man behind this ‘’ innovation instead, in a bid to understand his very elements, so that I may identify the vision within his dream; and i did!

On the basis of my findings, I had stayed on ‘’.

From my interactions with the steem blockchain via the DAPP ‘’, I could grasp its inner-workings. Indeed, the Steem project represented a ‘revolutionary vision’ and was backed by a genius technology. However, the span of its vision and capacity of its technology was soft-capped by its visionaire’s level of understanding of ‘life and humans’.

What does this mean? However ‘complex-looking’ a technology or innovation appears, it is easier to learn about it when you have a tangible understanding of ‘life and humans’.

Empowered with a tangible understanding of ‘life and humans’, you learn fast too! How so?

Your approach to learning about ‘blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ for instance, takes the ‘contextual’ route. As such, you can become quickly capable of understanding the general logic behind their formulation and you become better capable of associating the underlying context of your new-found knowledge with other studies and technologies, all of which caters to ‘humans’.

As mentioned at the outset of this chapter, having learned about Steemit as a ‘legitimate illiterate’, I could understand and predict the innerworks of any blockchain and cryptocurrency and alas, accurately too!

These innovations host ‘humans’ and were modeled to cater to humans. Plus, their underlying design is usually modelled to cater to ‘bots’ because that is just how the ‘painted world’ and most innovators don’t know yet that other worlds exist besides the ‘painted world’.

To enable you to better grasp the context of my declarations, it is important to intimate you on the scope of the hassle involved in my journey to finding out about ‘blockchain & cryptocurrency’ for the first time, via the internet. Through the process, we will highlight the hassle posed by today’s internet to an ‘average user’.

Understanding the very ‘internet’ which forms the basis for much of today’s ‘knowledge’ will help you understand the importance of ‘legitimate illiteracy’ as a field of study.

Too, you will understand the importance of ‘legitimate illiteracy in learning about ‘cryptocurrencies and blockchains’ without ‘barriers’. While this ‘knowledge-base’ (referring to the niche of ‘cryptocurrency & blockchain’) is supposed to be for ‘everyone’, it is not. Adding some ‘legitimate illiteracy’ into the mix and it becomes ‘a knowledge-base available to everyone’.

As highlighted earlier, a major ‘breakthrough’ that I have experienced in the scheme of my very evolution was ‘finding’.

As a legitimate illiterate, this was going to constitute my first encounter with the terminologies like ‘blockchain & cryptocurrency’.

I had found ‘’ organically via the search-engine, ‘’.

Unaware of terminologies like ‘blockchain or cryptocurrency’ at the time, it should have taken me many months to find applications like ‘’ but it didn’t.

Do you know why? I had known of the state of the ‘conventional internet’ from ages past, having interacted with it for so long. Partly because of the hassles it posed before me, mitigating against my ability to interact with it efficiently, I had developed an entire ‘unique model’ for my interactions with it.

Some of the hassles I experienced in my use of the internet were those associated with my IP location and these hassles affect many internet users.

To find ‘’, I had to pop many variations of ‘search-queries’, like I would in general, within my interactions with the internet.

In my case, each ‘human activity’ constituted an avenue for me to ‘mine my human’ and I would do so in the course of ‘searching the internet’.

During this period, I was practically looking for a ‘new internet’, one that didn’t limit ‘content-visibility’ in the case of a ‘dream-builder’.

I was looking for a permanent ‘outlet’ across the internet that rendezvoused ‘an especial breed of community’, a community made up of ‘reputable great minds’, whereupon i could sandbox my ‘dreams’ and keep them alive in the form of ‘dream-bits’; one whereupon I could rehearse these dreams into fruition while being able to attain ‘unadulterated feedback’ from a community of humans in a ‘decentralized’ fashion.

Alas, I wasn’t aware of the term or concept of ‘decentralization’ either, a popular term in the sphere of ‘blockchain and cryptocurrencies’.

Now imagine how many variations of ‘search-queries’ I must have tried, to find ‘’. Hahaha, it wasn’t hard! Recall, ‘my unique model for interacting with the internet’? It had a ‘surpassinggoogle’ paradigm.

Note also that I didn’t join ‘’ after having found it the first time. Even though the ‘search-query’ that has led me to a certain ‘steemit-based publication’ was organic, this publication had promised the possibility of ‘earning thousands of dollars from content-creation’, which constituted ‘an instantaneous turn-off’, considering that at the time, i had undergone ages of rigmarole on the ‘internet’ and not longer wanted to be ‘its potential client’.

Reserved about the possibility of ‘earning online’ for someone from my IP-location, ‘earning online’ no longer had an appeal.

I joined ‘’ months later, after finding it organically again and finding it this time via a publication that possessed a ‘human’ element.

The term or name ‘Steemit’ stayed memorable, indicating that ‘memorable keywords’ is an essential consideration, when it comes to an ‘enhanced internet’.

For many including me, each time on the internet was a ‘hassle escapade’. In my case, this is a positive but this isn’t a positive for everyone. My hassle isn’t the same as that of others though.

Indeed, the hassle involved in finding ‘information’ especially for people in certain ‘IP-locations’ is vast. Altogether, an untold repercussion of all the ‘hassle’ is a ‘battered human’.

There will be an entire book written to tackle that subject.

Many turn to the internet as a ‘breakthrough resort’, away from the deterring circumstances of their physical location and onto an ‘inanimate internet’, to experience a measure of ‘level-playing field’ in their bid to dream-build, only to be told once again by this ‘inanimate internet’ to scram off for being from a certain IP-location.

After resuscitating hope once again from all the bamboozling to try that new ‘information/tool’ website again (e.g ‘’) to kick-start a project or startup that one has passionately developed, you are told once again that ‘your location is not eligible’.

Dreams stall, innovations stay untold and most of all, the ‘human shine’ is beaten into redundancy.

In very un-extreme cases, when the bashing is too overwhelming and timely, just after one has carried his dreams up against ‘mountainous odds’ once again, to hope again, the person jumps off the cliff with his dreams, to fatally shatter matters.

This is not graphic stuff! It is simply untold stuff, so it appears graphic when told.

In many cases, today’s internet seems to deem humans ‘potential clients’; and it has become modeled to sustain that narrative.

Each ‘internet information’ is an avenue to ‘sell a product/service’, each internet user constituting ‘a potential client’, creating an internet of auto-responders and bots, one where you are constantly click-baited into a becoming a recurring customer and once again, you are left with yourself in a cycle of rigmarole.

Blockchain does help!

Many at times, being modeled to incentivize reputable behavior, people who interact with blockchain, no longer hoard information that they once would have in their interaction with ‘conventional internet’.

However, building entire blockchains around a ‘reward-distribution mechanism’, where the scope of ‘rewards’ is once again limited to ‘money’ and over the course of time, the ‘incentive’ begins to fade, leading to a possible repeat of an internet where ‘information’ is a scarcer commodity than ‘human’.

In general the internet has been static overall and in certain parts of the world, till date, the internet is still un-evolved. You don’t have the ‘same internet’ served simultaneously across the globe, limiting access to tangible information for many, also limiting access to the internet’s empowering tools for multitudes.

The current internet, even algorithmically, is modeled to regard ‘IP location’ as a major factor in its measure of ‘content relevance’.

Blockchain has come about to enhance matters and it started the motion indeed, undertaking the creation of ‘internet 3.0’, but the world isn’t prepared for blockchain. Hence, over the course of time, there is a replay of paradigms, systems, models, innovations, algorithms that are conventional and popular according to world’s standards, limiting the potency of blockchain in truly advancing the internet.

In terms of cost to finding information, the most cost comes in the form of ‘a battered human’. You no longer utilize the internet like a typical human, having reservations in your interaction with it and zero ‘expectations’ from it.

Mainstream social-media platforms like ‘Facebook’ which form a major part of today’s internet may decide to block you at will, in your quest for information?

Then, ‘blockchain’ tells you that ‘you are uncensored’, while ostracizing you on its public ledger as a potential spammer because you are associated with a certain IP-location etc.

You are left in a demeaning rigmarole till you find yourself resolving to ‘return to and manage the conventional internet’.

I managed to retain my ‘human capabilities’ within my utilization of the internet. As such, within my search-queries, I pop the un-popped questions relating to a variety of subjects.

I feel that questions have not been popped enough, when it comes to our interaction with the internet, whether we seek information relating to ‘cryptocurrency/blockchain’ or in general.

‘The same questions’ have been repeated or recycled over the course of time, hence ‘the same answers’ are obtainable on most subjects today.

Some questions are never asked because by world-standards, some questions are labeled ‘lame’. Ironically, this is true of internet-standards as well.

The content-base of the internet i.e ‘blogs’ and ‘vlogs’ has a certain ‘perfection’ element to it. ‘Not everyone deem themselves capable of blogging or vlogging’, meaning that tons of questions stay ‘un-popped’, meaning too that the internet, in the face of its advancement, has been static.

If the internet today, serves you ‘the address to the nearest ATM’ for the search-query ‘money’, it may be labeled ‘a dumb internet’. Alas, where the internet can begin to provide me such human-driven dynamic answers, I see ‘advancement’.

While blockchain technology can play a giant role in creating a dynamic internet, it is beginning to lose its potency in this regard.

Have we really managed to create a ‘new internet’ since the advent of blockchain, one that removes the ‘barriers’ present in our current internet? One can quickly say “internet 3.0”, which is a great start but when looking more intently, even ‘internet 3.0’ is underlyingly static. Curbed it is by the same underlying ‘barriers’ inherent to conventional internet; based it has been on ‘blogs and vlog’, the content-base of conventional internet.

Over the course of time, even in the presence of blockchain/cryptocurrency, we begin to shift back towards paradigms that the mainstream world has deemed popular.

Yes, while we can now have an internet that is un-censorable by virtue of blockchain technology, we have maintained the content-base of the mainstream internet, that made up of ‘blogs and vlogs’, forms of content that is quite static.

Current internet seems to recycle information, constantly referencing information that has grown popular over time.

In general, I use the internet in a bid to identify what exists of it; the barriers, the illusionary barriers, its depth in information etc. I do this to eventually affect the advancement of the internet, using some of my innovations. As a result, I have created a blockchain-born innovation called ‘ulogs’, a content-form that can spearhead the basis for a new internet.

I have seen enough of blockchain technology already to establish that what exists of ‘blockchain’ today (which in fact can be revolutionary), can become ordinary and fade like techs prior, where ‘blockchain’ stays under-used, under-explored; it’s ‘unconventionality’ curbed.

Depending on how much of ‘blockchain’ we decide to use, blockchain loses out on its unconventional and in conjunction ‘its revolutionary potency’ even in terms of enhancing the internet.

All along, did you notice that I had found ‘blockchain & cryptocurrencies’ in my search for a ‘new internet’; an internet filled with humans?

Consequently, learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain happened very fast. I already know what is missing from the current world with respect to the internet and I instantly found one utility for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In the eyes of a ‘legitimate illiterate’, I could see many more things and I started to interact with ‘ in conventional ways, learning even the untold utilities for ‘blockchain and cryptocurrency’, utilities unknown even to its innovators. Blockchain constituted a ‘CCTV into the true state of the world’ and steem blockchain was especially useable to this effect as it was a blockchain built specifically to cater to the industry of ‘social media’. It rendezvous with humans! However now, it had a dynamic that was different. It rendezvous humans on a blockchain and blockchain is

Even in their financial transactions recorded on the basis of their cryptocurrency interactions, I could deduce social or human interactions. Powerful, even spiritual stuff.

On the basis of how I interacted with the Steem blockchain, I could perceive how other blockchains worked too and without reading ‘whitepapers’, I could and you can too.

I now had an extra tool to ‘mine my human’ with but with this tool, I could also incite others to ‘mine their human’ too.

Basic tools like ‘votes’ (referring to ‘likes’ e.g on a post) offered by the Steem blockchain, I could put to testimonial use in ‘returning value to humans’.

I interacted with ‘cryptocurrency’ in unconventional ways too. As such, I uncovered its potency fast. These luxury tools, referring to blockchain and cryptocurrency, were tools of revelation. Alot I saw!

A lot about ‘life and humans’ is further understood. Alas, when humans interact ‘peer-to-peer’ without the structure of interference posed by the ‘painted world’, it is just beautiful, the things untold about the ‘beauty of humans’.

Among other things, ‘cryptocurrency’ relegates the value of ‘money’ in society and where utilized to ‘return value to humans’ and indeed it can be utilized as such. Such was my approach to interacting with the ‘STEEM’ cryptocurrency, the native cryptocurrency of ‘’. It was an unconventional approach; a legitimate illiterate approach.

By virtue of my interaction with cryptocurrencies, ‘money’ started to become the ‘smaller things’.

My social capabilities began to be restored too. My generosity improved. My fears, those associated with ‘security’ (defined as ‘money’ today) reduced.

By virtue of a STEEM wallet, ‘I owned the bank’ and on this basis of this narrative, I understood other cryptocurrencies and the dynamics behind ‘money’ itself.

Besides cryptocurrency’s intrinsic value in creating economies, interacting with cryptocurrencies gives me ‘clearer insight into the true state of the world’, powerful information that is previously hidden or hoarded.

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain being immutable and bare, became for me, a ‘CCTV into the true state of the world’. I could suddenly see more things; I understood ‘life and humans’ better too. As such, I could create my own blockchain-based projects powered by ‘cryptocurrency’. (See a current project i am working on:

From someone who wasn’t crypto-savvy, I started creating ‘cryptocurrencies’ and my ‘redundant projects’, I could suddenly relive. In the course of my interactions, I have interacted with many more reputable ‘great minds’, many of whom are in a constant art of mining the human and well, and this spiritual environment, insight arrives fast and so does learning.

As mentioned earlier, in the course of learning about ‘blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ my focus is understudying the very human elements that form the underlying basis of these innovations than on their technologies. As such, I didn’t take the route of reading ‘whitepapers’.

In eventuality, in the formulation of my own projects, I make use of a ‘colorlesspaper’.

I have said these things to say that as much you learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchains via ‘whitepapers’, you can’t learn about these luxury tools contextually, in such a way that you can come to ‘seeing many things’.

“Looking is different from seeing and seeing is different from seeing many things.” @surpassinggoogle

“When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary.” @surpassinggoogle

Nevertheless, interacting with these tools isn’t sufficient either. You will have to ‘interact unconventionally’; your ‘human capabilities’ intact. Well, you will need to ‘mine your human’ as you interact.

For instance, on ‘’, if your interaction-algorithm is similar to that on Facebook, referring to ‘scroll > scroll > scroll > like’, you will only see ‘Facebook’ or ‘Steemit’.

Many times in our interaction with the tools that we have, we don’t exhaust what exists of these tools. We look for the perfect tool instead.

If we once again, one continues to relegate our ‘human capabilities’ in favor of every next ‘comfort tool’ (e.g the ‘downvote button’, a feature of the Steem blockchain), ‘blockchain’ can have been used for the very purpose of ‘removing value from humans’.

Wonder why the world is painted today? It removes value from humans and distributes this value towards ‘paint’ (e.g money, talent, tech, innovation, carrier etc)

‘Pursuit of happiness’ is a marketing terminology. @surpassinggoogle

How about a quick story?

‘I love rough-looking dirt papers. I have had myriads of these papers. I prefer these to books or diaries. On these dirt papers, I can more effectively encode ‘world-adjusting’ rare intel.

“Dirt is good; ask the soap-master”. @surpassinggoogle

“Greatness isn’t that clean”. @surpassinggoogle

“Grow on deep”. @surpassinggoogle

As a young boy, I would have hundreds of crumpled papers in my school bag. Among my school books, at the very bottom of my bag, would be hundreds of pieces of folded/crumpled papers, each containing ‘a piece of my dream’.

My schoolmates wondered why of course; especially ‘the girls’ couldn’t stand it and would gift me booklets or diaries to write my pieces on. If my mum came across my bag, she would end up cleaning it up, throwing all these papers out as “trash”. That happened several times and unknown to her, several aspects of my dreams got lost, perhaps forever or maybe not, for i would ‘grow on deep’ once again in a bid to recompose my dreams, only to find new ones or ‘loopholes’. In any case, a lot went on in ‘my breed of dream-building’, an entire art played out; rough art. These stories and histories is a very important of ‘surpassinggoogle’. (Read more!)

Did they know though, how many things I did in this world of dirt papers? That each time, I was seeking ‘an aspect of my dreams’, I would have to manually unfold in some cases ‘100s of these rumpled papers, to consciously relive the words in each and re-dent ‘the vision within my dream’ into the depth of my cores? Did they know by means of these expanse of dirt papers, I was ‘evolving my dreams into levels of spanlessness’, keeping my dream alive in the form of ‘dream-bits’? Did they know that I did this on purpose? Is it explainable that I knew of these things even as a young boy?

May you know that even the elites in the ‘world of innovation’ today, usually skip the step of ‘evolving the dream itself into levels of spanlessness’ in their approach to innovation?

Yes, I dug, dug, dug, even of my own dreams. I became a ‘diggist’ within the expanse of my dream ‘that I may evolve the dream itself into levels of spanlessness’.

As a result, now that ‘reality is in the making for my dream’, the substance of my very dream is well-established, deeply-rooted, unshaken by circumstance and ‘the vision within my dream’ is found? And that ‘ever-missing piece of the puzzle’, i found that too! Too, that I have been an active part of ‘the histories and stories constituting surpassinggoogle’, i have become ‘surpassinggoogle’.

Among other things, by means of these ‘rough-looking dirt-papers’ (dream-bits), I wanted to spark evolution in others who come across ‘surpassinggoogle’. That they can evolve during the course of reaching me, they would have had to surmount an expanse of paper odds. They would have had to dig, surmount the so-called dirt, sift even of my so-called nonsense to find ‘sense’ therein; that each time through these unfolding, they would have revealed more of ‘the untold’.

I also used these papers as a sifter. While the concept of ‘like-minds’ is renown, I was looking for ‘exact like-minds’. Now if you can un-rumple my encoding to get to the person of me amidst all the hassle and through the rubble; when you finally arrive in my space, relegate all reservations, for you are an ‘exact like-mind’. It is spiritual. Let’s go!

At this stage, let us quickly visit my user-profile on ‘’.

On a singular account, I have some ‘19,000 comments’. This me reaching people but with all my grind and intention, to bear a brother’s consequence, to return value to humans, to incite them to ‘mine their human’.

Within the premise of the simple-looking outlet of a ‘comment’, I can ‘mine my human’, exert my human virtues, exercise my ‘human capabilities’, I could tap into my spirituality, I could tap into my shine, I can encode tons of marvelous things emanated from human mine, I could share my human shine with others, I could incite others to ‘mine their human’, I could incorporate timeliness, I could celebrate others, I could share wealth, I could encode a silent prayer, I could create a stimuli that a fellow human reacts to, I could sandbox a dream, I could unadulterated feedback, I could play out a world-adjusting curriculum, I could encode a mentality-adjusting paradigm, I could rehearse my dream into fruition, I could pop the unpopped question, I could tap into the elements of a fellow human, I can find the ever-missing piece of my puzzle or provide someone’s, I could see the signs etc.

I have 19,000 of such-like comments.

‘Blockchains’ provide luxury ‘outlets’ whereupon humans can interact, more so than any other tool.

It offers a decentralized ecosystem that is publicly-accessible, powered by a cryptocurrency that incentivizes humans to exercise their ability to transact and interact among one another, in a peer-to-peer fashion, without interference. Un-ironically, it also has an ‘anonymity’ paradigm; one that is ‘public’.

Typically, you need a good DAPP or user-interface to access a blockchain (and its cryptocurrency) from and a good DAPP to start out on is ‘’.

‘’ is a social media DAPP that makes use of the Hive blockchain. It also incorporates some of the features offered by the ‘Ethereum blockchain’, creating a fully-optimized user-interface or DAPP to cater to the industry and niche of ‘Blockchain & Cryptocurrency’.

In a previous chapter, we had highlighted that to use a DAPP, you need a blockchain account.

This time, you can access ‘’ and its blockchain features, when you have a ‘Hive blockchain account’. So, if you have your Hive account, why not start your journey to ‘learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchains by interacting with ‘’ and its community.

If you don’t have a Hive account yet, you can create one directly on ‘’.

On ‘’, you can consume ‘content’ related to the niche of ‘cryptocurrency and blockchain’ published by a community of reputable ‘great’ minds.

Interacting with this DAPP and its community and even passively, you will begin to understand the general logic behind ‘cryptocurrencies and blockchains’ in general, without ‘whitepapers’.

It connects to the Hive blockchain and directly connects you to ‘3 different cryptocurrencies’, which are LEO, HIVE and ETH.

There are a lot of ‘human activities’ you can undertake courtesy of ‘’.

For instance, do you have a dream or desire to ‘create your own DAPP’? Are you looking for reputable people to make up your team? Are you looking for unadulterated feedback in relation to your project? Are you looking for exact like-minds? Are you looking to earn your first cryptocurrency? Are you looking to learn about cryptocurrencies? Are looking for a permanent storage for your content? Visit ‘’ and interact with it and its community.

Altogether, in your approach to ‘interacting’, you will need to be a ‘diggist’; dig, dig, dig! Then, you will see many more things.

If you do not have a blockchain account yet and you just want to perch upon ‘the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain’ to peer into it; ‘’ has a listing of some ‘5,500 cryptocurrencies’. To see more things once again, you will need to dig, dig, dig.

In chapter 10, we will provide you with a ton of resources to enhance your ability to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Once again, let us highlight that contextually, ‘cryptocurrencies and blockchains’ are capped and connected by a similar logic. In general, a cryptocurrency has an underlying blockchain that computes and documents its transactions. Blockchains need a form of governance and an incentive system powered by cryptocurrency. To interact with blockchains and cryptocurrencies, you generally need a DAPP and well, since these tools all cater to humans, they aren’t ‘flawless’ and can’t be, for ‘when humans disagree’ their code breaks.

Do you want to earn some ‘cryptocurrency’ by watching short introductory videos? Visit ‘’, sign up for a coinbase account, then visit ‘’ thereafter to watch short videos that intimates you about various cryptocurrencies and their respective blockchains, to earn ‘132$’ worth of these various cryptocurrency.

Occasionally, cryptocurrency projects give away their cryptocurrency to people as a way of incentivizing others to learn about their projects. ‘’, a website that has a listing of some ‘7,000 cryptocurrencies’, occasionally does these offerings.

Then, ‘’ takes it upon itself to send your notifications related to various ‘cryptocurrencies and blockchains’ to your phone, when you have their application installed.

Once again there are many avenues to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain besides ‘whitepapers’ but ‘learning-wise’ the extent of your success and the uniqueness of your success-story relies vastly on your approach to interacting with this avenue.

So, now that you’re about to create your next publication on ‘’ (a DAPP that accesses the Hive blockchain) for instance, how much utility is there for this publication? Can it pose another avenue that you can evolve by? In its making, can you intend to marvel yourself? Can you become your primary audience? In the midst of your intent to earn ‘rewards’, can you model content to earn a variety of rewards? Can you encode a dream, vision or project into your publication? Can you formulate a stimulus within your publication that stirs a valuable reaction in others? Can you use your post as a sifter to attract ‘exact like-minds’?

And about those tools that you already constantly use, ‘Facebook’ for instance, can apply your new-found approach to content-creation on an outlet like it? Can’t you?

Is it now established that there is a similar logic that connects all innovations, irrespective of how ‘complex-looking’ each appears?

You now see how you can learn about some ‘7,000 cryptocurrencies’ and perhaps ‘hundreds of blockchains’ fast and without understudying ‘whitepapers’.

You will need to take up some ‘legitimate illiteracy’ though, for in your interactions with any of these innovations or technologies, you will need to break out of the structured ‘boolean-based’ premise that standards of the ‘painted world’ keep you.

Else, once again there will simply be a replay of existing ‘renown paradigms’ upon whatever ‘geeky technology’ and it will begin to fade and become generic like technologies prior.

When ‘boolean’ (fit for bots) can govern ‘humans’, there will be two extremities. Products will sell to each extremity; humans constituting ‘clients’. @surpassinggoogle

The next time you interact with whatever tool or technology, the next time you are on the internet or on ‘Facebook’, keep your ‘human capability’ intact. Be conscious about ‘mining your human’ and intending to incite evolution in others; these ways these basic tools become ‘unordinary’ in your hands, powerful tools of revelations about you and well, about the ‘true state of the world’. Then, you begin to find your place in the world and only then can you tangibly impact it

Let us conclude by encouraging you to learn some ‘legitimate illiteracy’, a breed of knowledge that will help you understand the complexest of today’s subjects, including ‘blockchain and cryptocurrencies’.

You have the person of ‘your boy Terry Ajayi’, whether ‘bulls or bears’, whom you can reach on ‘’ or by visiting the ‘Macrohard hub’ located in Manila, Philippines.

Your boy ‘Terry Ajayi’, whether ‘bulls or bears’.

I will soon resume fuller activity. I was able to bury my dad some 26 days ago, after 17 days past since he passed.

Kind support the evolution of the Macrohard hub by purchasing a 15$ T-shirt.

Originally published at on November 17, 2020.

I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours