Draft — Unique Crypto Services By A Legitimate Illiterate Who Is @surpassinggoogle

Speaking of ‘building projects’, I am providing you with insight based on Legitimate illiteracy.

My username across the internet is ‘@surpassinggoogle’ and the advisory that I provide carry a ‘surpassinggoogle paradigm’.

Let us build projects that can surpass google.


Crypto Beginner (Who is headed to creating a crypto project)

No one will teach you about crypto & blockchain in a way that enables you build your own crypto project. Plus, no where online can you find sufficient information in one place that empowers you with enough crypto knowledge to create your crypto project. If you were to resource information about crypto & blockchain from across the web, it will take ages and you will not get information specific to you.

In one livestream session, we can fix that. The information I will provide you is unique and specialized for you. It is also unique knowledge from a legitimate illiterate and

  • Basic — Learn basic crypto knowledge to prepare you for creating your crypto project.
  • Basic+ — Learn the basics about creating crypto projects and the tools that exists.
  • Basic ++ — Learn crypto & blockchain secrets related to building your own crypto project.

Crypto Learned (Who is headed to creating a crypto project)

  • Basic — Learn about how to evolve your crypto projects.
  • Basic+ — Learn about how to evolve your crypto projects by analysis existing crypto projects.
  • Basic++ — Learn about building a crypto project, token listing, growth, fundraising etc.

Crypto Expert (Who is building a crypto project)

  • Basic — Analyzing your crypto project, advisory, branding advisory,
  • Basic+ — Conceptualization, Drafting Your Paper, Drafting your tokenomics, looking at NFT options, researching tools, looking at coding options, HR advisory etc.
  • Basic++ — Writing a paper, Developing tokenomics, Fundraising advisory

Non-crypto Project Owner (Who wants to incorporate a crypto)

  • Basic
  • Basic+
  • Basic++

Non-crypto project builder (Who wants to build a non-crypto project

Review your project

Improve Your Existing Cryptocurrency Project

Improve Token Utility

Improve Tokenomics

Review Tokenomics

Review Token Utility

Review NFT

Improve NFT



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Terry Ajayi

Terry Ajayi

I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours