Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part 13! — Hive

Why Cryptoulogs?

  • A ulog is un-ordinary. A cryptoulog is un-ordinary too!
  • To better evolve the concept of ‘ulogs’.
  • A create a grey-print ‘ulog-based platform’ that people can replicate, when building their ‘ulog-based projects’.
  • Add a layer of reputability to the world of ‘cryptocurrency’. In the art of cryptoulogging, people ‘mine their human’, becoming better versions of themselves.
  • To celebrate humans or ‘return value to humans’, in the face ‘cryptocurrency/blockchain’, a niche with so much hype.
  • To propagate ‘ulogs’ into the world, starting with the ‘cryptocurrency-world’.
  • To create a crypto-sphere where anonymity maintains its intrinsic value.
  • etc.



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Terry Ajayi

Terry Ajayi

I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours