Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part 15!

Provisional Use-Cases For The Ulog Token.

Primarily, the ULOG is a social-token used to reward ‘human activities’ related to ‘content’. Underlyingly, it has a DEFI-feature, that allows users to earn it directly through staking. Earned; it can be tipped, spent or exchanged. It can also be ‘powered-up or staked’ to have influence on the ‘reward-pool’ allocated to ‘authors and curators’. The ULOG token will have a wide variety of utilities.

  • To post long-form ulogs, users will need to spend some ULOG tokens.
  • Users may need to spend ULOG, to send a DM.
  • Users need to stake the ULOG tokens be capable of rewarding content.
  • Users need to stake the ULOG tokens to earn ‘curation rewards’.
  • Users will be able to boost the visibility of the posts by spending ULOG tokens.
  • Projects can create their own ulog-based communities by spending the ULOG tokens.
  • Users can spend ULOG tokens to purchase items on ‘’ or externally e.g on ‘’.
  • Certified uloggers may be able to pay a monthly-subscription in ULOG as part of their ‘verification-process’.
  • Stakers of the ULOG token may get a starting stake in TEARDROPS, our primary token.
  • Internal listings from external projects can happen when they buy token.
  • Internal peer-to-peer ads paid for in ULOG.
  • Users will be able to avail of services on ‘’ e.g clout-services, consultancy-services etc by spending ULOG. They can also spend it on services on ‘’.
  • Pay in ULOG to get discounts.
  • etc.

Roadmap (Ordered)

  • Create the ULOG token and conduct a pre-sale.
  • Complete the setup of our first physical Macrohard hub in the Philippines.
  • Ship our basic site on ‘’, with a functional reward-distribution mechanism.
  • List our token on Hive-engine and if possible, on Uniswap.
  • Restore life to ‘’.
  • Start growth efforts.
  • Continue to improve ‘’.
  • Continue the development of and
  • Setup another Macrohard hub.

Funds Raised From Pre-sale Will Be Used For:

  • We will setup physical ‘Macrohard hub(s), starting with the first one in the Philippines. This physical venture will back our online ventures. It will rendezvous ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs etc. Together, we will build ‘’.
  • We will build all projects emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem. These are ‘,,,
  • Grow our user-base via organic marketing and ADs.
  • etc.


We will start with a small team but we aren’t focusing on a small team. We would like ‘certified uloggers’ an active role in our development and growth efforts. Where we can work with ‘100,000 certified uloggers’, that is one giant team effort.



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