Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part Eleven!

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At world level, humans continue to lose value. Perhaps, un-coincidentally the world itself has been modeled to ‘remove value from humans’, distributing this value as such to every other thing, such as ‘bulls or bears’, careers, knowledge, clout, money, luxury, crypto-kitties, bots, AI etc.

In the midst of so-called ‘technological advancement’, the cycle continues. ‘It scary, where the world is headed.’

‘Blockchain technology’ (a potentially revolutionary tool) for instance, starts to become a tool of ‘governance’, a ‘reward-distributor’ etc; stirring of strife, competition and tension among humans. The reverse can be the case, where ‘blockchain’ is allowed to maintain its unconventional properties, where ‘blockchain’ is used to ‘return value to humans’.

Alas, ‘returning value to humans’ just isn’t how the world works, that over the course of time, the same ‘renown’ world paradigms are replayed on ‘blockchain’ all over again, leaving us with ‘blockchain’ that is static, under-explored, un-evolved.

The same old ‘innovations’ are recycled and replayed on ‘blockchain technology’ all over again, in a bid to distribute rewards via it, reducing ‘blockchain’s potency in adjusting the world, relegating it to a ‘reward distributor’. Blockchain becomes known for ‘the price of its cryptocurrency’.

Staying underlyingly conventional, having been under-explored and under-used, ‘blockchain’ it returns to popular standard ‘code is law’. Let ‘code’ govern humans!

‘Human capabilities’ are further captured into ‘a boolean’ e.g ‘vote and unvote’ (mechanisms favorable for ‘bots’) and on this very basis, ‘human value’ continues to be measured. Humans lose value! ‘Blockchain-code governs humans’, making ‘blockchain’ the ‘solution-bringer’, the ‘comfort-tool’, the ‘code is law’, the governor, the ‘reward-distributor’, the standard.

The new quest? “The pursuit of ‘a flawless blockchain”.

Once, again ‘humans’ lose ‘value’ even among themselves, prefering to compete or trample on one another, in pursuit of “the flawless blockchain”. Alas, every ounce of energy and value goes into advancing its code, it governance, its security, taking away from the value and energy that can go into ‘social’, human evolution, revelation etc.

Blockchain can only attain its shine, where the humans that it hosts use it as a tool to attain their shine. @surpassinggoogle

Overall, ‘blockchain’ can’t evolve either, seeking perfection, it iterates and iterates, based on the popularly ‘code is law’ (fit for flawless bots), unfit for ‘humans’ (who are flawed). Just when ‘blockchain’ can no longer stand ‘these flawed humans’, the code breaks; a HARDFORK!

Then humans grow further apart, each one his way as they mush pursue this god, for the ‘blockchain must be flawless’.

In the grand scheme of things, ‘blockchain’ can’t even scale. Steem is better than Hive. Hive is better than Steem. You aren’t on Steem, you are the enemy. You are on Hive, you are the enemy.

Value is taken from ‘humans’ and distributed now to ‘blockchain’ too. The cycle that permeates the world stays intact.

In the grand scheme of things, blockchain is loses all its unconventionality, becoming established mostly for its reward-distribution properties. It’s success become measured in terms of ‘bulls or bears’.

But ‘blockchain’ is no ordinary tool. When used in un-ordinary ways, such as as ‘a tool to return value to humans’, it isn’t so ordinary after all, for ‘humans are un-ordinary’.

It is true that by today’s standard, even as the world is said to be advancing, humans continue to grow ordinary and it is no coincidence.

“There is a growing rarity in the ‘great men’ industry. We fix this rarity, we surpass google.” @surpassinggoogle

A blockchain that rendezvous humans, is bare and immutable, has a reward-mechanism that incites humans to evolve incessantly, that is no ordinary tool.

For instance, what do the likes of Facebook, Google etc do exactly, to be capable of influencing the globe and holding it accountable? They rendezvous humans! Providing users with seeming comfort tool after comfort tool, they gather humans. Collectively, they can mine of these humans, taking control of their ‘mine’ and what is a ‘human’ mine? Identity, spirit, genes, response to stimuli, virtues etc. Powerful stuff!

They get to know you more than you know yourself, in such a way that you aren’t capable of knowing anything about them. As a result, they influence you continuously and they can hold you accountable too.

Blockchain affords you the luxury of know about the world as much as it knows about you. It gathers people too, it records exerpts resulting from human evolution and it does so in a public and immutable fashion. If you doubt the power in that, think thrice!

Alas, blockchain isn’t so powerful by itself. It is no god! It is simply tool, usable to world-adjusting effect or just a tool.

We can use blockchain as a tool to ‘mine our human’, as a tool to ‘return value to human’ and this is what we want to accomplish on ‘’, introducing the art of ulogging to a ‘cryptocurrency’ world.

Would you like to help with building Cryptoulogs? Are you a programmer? Contact me via ‘’.

Your Boy Terry


Originally published at on August 27, 2020.