Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part Four! — Hive

Where Are We Headed With CryptoUlogs?

  • Remove all barriers-to-entry from three important human activities; ‘content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion’.
  • Add a directional element to ‘content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion, by creating a platform (e.g cryptoulogging) that incites humans to apply these content-related activities towards consciously ‘mining their human’.
  • Document the resulting human shine.
  • Reward/celebrate the resulting human breakthrough with a digital currency, using a ‘proof of tears’ reward model.
  • Create a proven blockchain-born innovation that returns value to humans.
  • In eventuality, create a new internet, one based on ulogs, one filled with humans, one filled with uloggers.
  • Help uloggers globally build their noble dreams.
  • Let the world know about Ulogs.
  • Redirect everyone to the Creator Jehovah
  • Create a platform that provides everyone with the capability of participating in the world of blockchain/cryptocurrency, via the art of ulogging, while revealing the unknown, beautiful, humanly aspects of crypto.
  • Use this platform to inculcate the art of ulogging among users. (To effect this, will focus on short-form content, which is easier to manage.)
  • Implement a native digital currency called ‘YOU’ and explore various uses for ‘proof of tears’ model, to help us better build ‘TEARDROPS’.
  • Create a tokenomy that focuses primarily on growing and empowering ‘a grey-list of certified uloggers’. (i.e the scarce model is ‘humans’ as opposed to ‘bulls or bears’)
  • Model the ‘’ UI for the purpose of establishing and growing our grey-list of ‘certified uloggers’. These ones will eventually form the base for every project emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem. (‘Grey-list’ to indicate that everyone can join this list! However, it is also a scarce list.)
  • Create a viable ulog-modeled application, which we will speed up the development of every other project innovation emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem, each of which will also make use of a ‘ulog’ content-base!
  • Create a successful ‘ulogs’ enterprise and viable case-study for better building ‘, and’.
  • Raise revenue or funding to build all other projects emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem e.g,,’.
  • Evolve a well-formulated code-base that others, especially ‘certified uloggers’ can replicate.

The Teardrops Ecosystem

Important Things To Note Regarding The Teardrops Ecosystem.

  • We will not have a black or whitepaper. It will be a ColorlessPaper.
  • Where we decide to apply the use of ‘an oracle’, it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we decide to make use of ‘lists’, we will have a grey/gray-list; not a black/white-list.
  • We will not create disruption. We will create ‘beautiful disruption’.
  • The grand mission? ‘Direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah’.
  • — to propagate a form of content called Ulogs into the world and emanate uloggers globally.
  • — to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, whereupon “everyone has something to offer”.
  • Macrohard — to make everyone capable of participating in the world of programming, by creating a programming protocol in which everyone can suddenly code (with swag).

  • Allow users to exchange gig for gig.
  • Collect and maintain a library of Ulogs, covering expert knowledge.
  • Provide an open-access database of ‘brother talents’.
  • Collect and maintain a resume-database made up of professionals/non-professionals.
  • Innovate a search engine that is modeled to ‘mine humans’.


The TEARDROPS Digital Currency

The Teardrops Ecosystem ‘Side-Projects’

  • Each coin, makes use of a ‘proof of tears’ (‘mining the human’) distribution model.
  • Each platform is built around a core of ‘certified uloggers’.
  • Each platform, is social-based, content-based, with a content-base called ‘ulogs’.
  • Each list is a grey-list, neither black or white.
  • Each paper is a ‘colorlesspaper’.
  • Instead of an airdrop, we use teardrop.
  • Each platform is modeled with a ‘surpassinggoogle paradigm’, which involves ‘removing barriers to entry’.
  • Our coin can reward past deeds.
  • Our rewards, is ‘a variety of rewards’. Money being secondary, our primary reward is ‘real human growth’ (mining the human, human evolution etc)
  • Where we make use of an oracle, it is an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we seek talent, it will be ‘un(dis)talent’ (‘brother talent’).
  • etc.
  • — a traditional blockchain-based social media platform built on Steem that targets the masses, starting with Africa, in a bid to introduce the globe to our primary projects ‘i.e, and’. ( has up to 2,000 user-profiles)



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