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Where Are We Headed With CryptoUlogs?

Even so, it is a very important in the life and success of our ecosystem. By it means, we can better formulate one grand ecosystem that tackles ‘world-adjustment’

A successful Cryptoulogs project and we can eventually play a testimonial role in rewarding ‘proof of tears’, returning value to humans.

Via Cryptoulogs, we can help the world know about Ulogs.

Our eventual grand destination?

  • Remove all barriers-to-entry from three important human activities; ‘content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion’.
  • Add a directional element to ‘content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion, by creating a platform (e.g cryptoulogging) that incites humans to apply these content-related activities towards consciously ‘mining their human’.
  • Document the resulting human shine.
  • Reward/celebrate the resulting human breakthrough with a digital currency, using a ‘proof of tears’ reward model.
  • Create a proven blockchain-born innovation that returns value to humans.
  • In eventuality, create a new internet, one based on ulogs, one filled with humans, one filled with uloggers.
  • Help uloggers globally build their noble dreams.
  • Let the world know about Ulogs.
  • Redirect everyone to the Creator Jehovah

Cryptoulogs will play a ginormous role in helping us reach our destination. Leading up to ‘ulogs’, cryptoulogs will help us a clearer path.

Via cryptoulogs, we will be able to introduce and inculcate the art of ulogging into the world using an entire curriculum. We aren’t disruptive; we are beautiful disruptive.

On it, we will identify and establish a ‘solid base of certified uloggers’, who are true fans of what we represent. These ones will in turn back each project emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem.

Backed by humans, we can build an ecosystem, powered by one digital currency, that succeeds whether bulls or bears because humans are involved.

Desiring to help uloggers build their noble dreams, the success of Cryptoulogs will afford us an established grey-print that everyone can replicate, in building their noble dreams. For instance, a certified ulogger who wants to build his/her noble dream, may desire his own ulog-based enterprise. Without seed-funding limitations, he can replicate ‘’.

Gradually, we can have an entire internet based on ulogs, whereupon humans hold sway.

While Cryptoulogs will have its own coin called ‘U’, our eventual primary coin is called ‘TEARDROPS’.

Recall that is a side-project emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem?

That established, even though Cryptoulogs is a standalone project, with its own digital currency, it will focus primarily on the following:

  • Create a platform that provides everyone with the capability of participating in the world of blockchain/cryptocurrency, via the art of ulogging, while revealing the unknown, beautiful, humanly aspects of crypto.
  • Use this platform to inculcate the art of ulogging among users. (To effect this, will focus on short-form content, which is easier to manage.)
  • Implement a native digital currency called ‘YOU’ and explore various uses for ‘proof of tears’ model, to help us better build ‘TEARDROPS’.
  • Create a tokenomy that focuses primarily on growing and empowering ‘a grey-list of certified uloggers’. (i.e the scarce model is ‘humans’ as opposed to ‘bulls or bears’)
  • Model the ‘’ UI for the purpose of establishing and growing our grey-list of ‘certified uloggers’. These ones will eventually form the base for every project emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem. (‘Grey-list’ to indicate that everyone can join this list! However, it is also a scarce list.)
  • Create a viable ulog-modeled application, which we will speed up the development of every other project innovation emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem, each of which will also make use of a ‘ulog’ content-base!
  • Create a successful ‘ulogs’ enterprise and viable case-study for better building ‘, and’.
  • Raise revenue or funding to build all other projects emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem e.g,,’.
  • Evolve a well-formulated code-base that others, especially ‘certified uloggers’ can replicate.

Now, let’s quickly discuss the Teardrops ecosystem, considering that is a side-project emanating from the Teardrops ecosystem.

The Teardrops Ecosystem

Important Things To Note Regarding The Teardrops Ecosystem.

  • Where we decide to apply the use of ‘an oracle’, it will be an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we decide to make use of ‘lists’, we will have a grey/gray-list; not a black/white-list.
  • We will not create disruption. We will create ‘beautiful disruption’.
  • The grand mission? ‘Direct or re-direct each human to our Creator Jehovah’.

The Teardrops ecosystem will be composed primarily of three blockchain-based social network platforms (and one digital currency called TEARDROPS.)

Here is a list:

  • — to propagate a form of content called Ulogs into the world and emanate uloggers globally.
  • — to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, whereupon “everyone has something to offer”.
  • Macrohard — to make everyone capable of participating in the world of programming, by creating a programming protocol in which everyone can suddenly code (with swag).

Each of the aforementioned enterprises has a ‘proof of tears’ model; a model that incites humans to ‘mine their human’, emanating more ‘human shine’ into the world.

By rewarding the ‘human activities’ incited by these enterprises, we can celebrate the resulting ‘breakthrough in human’ with a ‘breakthrough digital currency’ called, TEARDROPS.

The TEARDROPS digital currency is an important part of our ecosystem. It is the currency that powers our economy. However, TEARDROPS isn’t just a digital currency. It seeks to reward activities that ‘mine the human’. It will also reward past deeds. It is an ‘emblem of human’.

TEARDROPS will appeal to the soft-spot of every human, attaining global acceptance.


‘Mining the human’ is synonymous to ‘evolving the human’.

A blockchain-based social network platform created to propagate a form of content called ‘Ulogs’ into the world and emanate/rendezvous Uloggers globally. (See definition of Ulog here)

Development Status: is reaching its ‘alpha-stage of development’. It has been functional/in-use for close to a year.

See related image:


A Ulog is a form of content spanning across any topic or niche, that is created ‘fresh’ at every instance (i.e without resourcing from that internet), composed entirely of ‘excerpts of U’.

A ulog possesses tenets that allows content creators/curators to consciously ‘evolve their human’.

The letter ‘u’ seen in the word ‘ulog’, is synonymous to ‘you’.

The concept of Ulogging was born to remove all barriers to entry from human activities such as content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion.

With every(any)one capable of participating in these tangible human activities, we can incite each one to apply these activities also towards ‘consciously mining their human’. makes use of a ‘proof of tears’ reward-distribution model, rewarding ulogging activities with a digital currency called TEARDROPS.

‘Ulogs’ will form the content-base of all our enterprises.

Read a draft containing the evolution of the concept of Ulog


A blockchain-based social network platform that provides a dream-building services marketplace, whereupon ‘everyone has something to offer’. It will allow and incentivize experts & non-experts alike to offer gigs/services.

STEEMGIGS will look to celebrate dreamers and dream-builders with a digital currency called ‘TEARDROPS’.

Development Status: has been functional/in-use for more than one year. It is still in its alpha-stage of development.

See image:


Allowing non-experts to participate in the ‘dream-building ecosystem’ removes barriers to entry from this testimonial human activity.

Talent is generic. There is a rarity in the ‘brother talent’ industry. will focus on abating this rarity.

To further take cognizance of every(any)one, will also offer these unique features:

  • Allow users to exchange gig for gig.
  • Collect and maintain a library of Ulogs, covering expert knowledge.
  • Provide an open-access database of ‘brother talents’.
  • Collect and maintain a resume-database made up of professionals/non-professionals.
  • Innovate a search engine that is modeled to ‘mine humans’.

Further relegating the value of money in the art of dream-building, we can continue returning value to ‘human’.

Eliminating concepts like ‘average, bum, smart’ and suddenly ‘everyone has something to offer’.

Read more about STEEMGIGS



MACROHARD is an enterprise focused on enabling ‘every(any)one’ to participate in the world of programming. It intends to create a ‘programming protocol’ that every(any)one can code in.

It will eventually provide a blockchain-based social network platform modeled to emanate ‘brother programmers’ & a consultancy network focused on enabling ‘non-programmer project owners’ better build projects.

Being a product of the Teardrops ecosystem, MACROHARD will make use of the ‘proof of tears’ reward distribution model, powered by the TEARDROPS digital currency.

Development Status: hasn’t started building yet but its enterprise-model is complete. The intention is to start MACROHARD from a physical hub, located in the Philippines. (So far, we have rented the Macrohard hub but haven’t fully set it up!)


While there are many programmers, there is a rarity in the ‘brother programmers’ industry. MACROHARD will focus on abating this rarity.

Read more about the MACROHARD enterprise.

The TEARDROPS Digital Currency

The TEARDROPS digital currency will power each innovation stemming from the Teardrops ecosystem. As a digital currency it should succeed whether bulls or bears because ‘humans are involved’.


“Fix the tears with the tears”. @surpassinggoogle

“En-route mining the human towards its awesomest version, there is bound to be many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell.” @surpassinggoogle

“Dissociate tears from sadness, affiliate it with breakthrough, then we can reward each tear; where tears now constitutes a by-product of mining the human”. @surpassinggoogle

The Teardrops Ecosystem ‘Side-Projects’

The following paradigms applies also to CryptoUlogs:

  • Each coin, makes use of a ‘proof of tears’ (‘mining the human’) distribution model.
  • Each platform is built around a core of ‘certified uloggers’.
  • Each platform, is social-based, content-based, with a content-base called ‘ulogs’.
  • Each list is a grey-list, neither black or white.
  • Each paper is a ‘colorlesspaper’.
  • Instead of an airdrop, we use teardrop.
  • Each platform is modeled with a ‘surpassinggoogle paradigm’, which involves ‘removing barriers to entry’.
  • Our coin can reward past deeds.
  • Our rewards, is ‘a variety of rewards’. Money being secondary, our primary reward is ‘real human growth’ (mining the human, human evolution etc)
  • Where we make use of an oracle, it is an un(dis)talented oracle.
  • Where we seek talent, it will be ‘un(dis)talent’ (‘brother talent’).
  • etc.

Another side-project that we will continue to work on as Cryptoulogs become more established is:

  • — a traditional blockchain-based social media platform built on Steem that targets the masses, starting with Africa, in a bid to introduce the globe to our primary projects ‘i.e, and’. ( has up to 2,000 user-profiles)

With the evolution of, we will become more effective with ‘building’ because we will be backed by a physical venture in the form of a ‘Macrohard hub’ located in the Philippines. This is a physical hub that will gather a physical base of ‘certified uloggers’. Among these ones, we will have ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-designers’ etc. Together, we will build more impactfully.

Would you like to help with building Cryptoulogs? Are you a programmer? Contact me via ‘’.

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