Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part Seven!

ULOG Token (Provisional) Tokenomics.

  • Model the token/tokenomics to give prominence to our ‘grey-list of certified uloggers’. (Note: everyone can get ‘certified’.)
  • Model a token that garners sustained interest (e.g people should desire to hold it, people should want to discuss it, people should want to spend it, people should want to distribute it etc.)
  • Create a token that makes uses of a ‘proof of tears’ reward distribution model.
  • Create a token that has utility, whether bulls or bears.
  • The token should have social properties e.g users can earn it via content-creation, content-promotion, content-curation.
  • Create a token that possesses underlying DEFI properties e.g people can earn it by staking it, people can delegate their stake etc.
  • Token should have social, commerce and DEFI utilities.
  • Create a token that inherently abates ‘whale’ impact.
  • Create a token that propagates the ULOG movement.
  • Create a token that maintains intrinsic value, even in fractional amounts i.e ‘may people aspire to possess a unit of the token’.
  • etc.
  • ULOG reward pool (Provisional allocation: Author = 30%, Curator = 20%, Staking = 40%, DAO = 10%)
  • will create additional external economies. Ulogs are revealing in nature. Ulogs about cryptocurrency will constitute beauty. (‘A one-liner cryptoulog is expensive’.) Adopting a culture of ‘mining their human’, uloggers will explore ‘cryptocurrency/blockchain’ in new, dynamic ways, revealing tangible information, that they may i have once hoarded. (‘Learning is the ultimate earning’. @surpassinggoogle).
  • We want to abate the ‘whale’ effect, enabling an environment where everyone can play e.g it is psychological bearable for a user aspiring to be ‘whale’, when a whale’s wallet has a stake-size of ‘1000 ULOG’ instead of ‘1,000,000 ULOG’. In general, anyone can be ‘whale’ on ‘’ by becoming a ‘certified ulogger’.
  • We want everyone to aspire to possess and hold 1 ULOG at least.
  • Exploring this token dynamics with the ULOG token, will help us better formulate our primary token called ‘TEARDROPS’.
  • etc.

Provisional — Initial Supply Distribution

Initial supply = 100,000 ULOG

  • 10,000 ULOGS — staked as needed to direct the platform from the outset. Can also be used for things ‘development’, team-expenses etc in the future.
  • 10000 ULOGS — used for marketing, bounties, teardrops etc.
  • Setting up the first physical ‘Macrohard’ hub in the Philippines. (This hub will gather brother-programmers. This physical venture will back our online ventures.)
  • Possibly list wrapped-ULOG on uniswap and add liquidity.
  • Restore life to ‘’ and use that platform to create awareness to ‘’.
  • Continuing the development of ‘, and’.
  • Target exchange-listings using ‘community movement’ or direct-finance.
  • etc.




I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours

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Terry Ajayi

Terry Ajayi

I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours

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