Gradually Formulating The ColorlessPaper For Our Side-Project ‘CryptoUlogs’. Part Two!

Some More Background Leading Up To The Formulation Of CryptoUlogs: The content-base of the internet (i.e ‘blogs’ and ‘vlogs’) have a certain ‘perfection’ element to it. ‘Not everyone deem themselves capable of blogging or vlogging’. These tangible ‘human activities’ have barriers-to-entry, by internet-standards. It has not been for every(any)one.

On this basis, we have an internet whereupon many questions stay un-asked, whereupon so much information isn’t documented, whereupon the same content stays relevant over the course of time. This suddenly means that we have evolved by virtue of an ‘internet’ (information) that isn’t whole. Our internet, in the face of its advancement, has been underlyingly static.

If the internet today, serves you ‘the address to the nearest ATM’ for the search-query ‘money’, it may be labeled ‘a dumb internet’. By the current ‘internet-standards’ (based on blogs and vlogs), ‘content is king’.

Alas, where the internet can begin to provide such human-driven dynamic answers, i see ‘advancement’; an internet now made up of ‘blogs, ulogs and vlogs’, whereupon ‘content can be queen’ too.

While everyone should have a blog or a vlog, not everyone does. By means of ulogging, every(any)one can now participate in the art of content-creation.

But how about ‘content-curation and content-promotion’? Aren’t these tangible content-related human activities too? Do these activities have ‘barriers to entry’ today?

Then came ‘blockchain technology’; an accessible public ledger with a reward-distribution mechanism and it began to reveal, document and highlight the value of ‘content-curation and content-promotion’, not only as ‘tangible human activities’ but also in the evolution of the internet (information). Prior to its advent, much of the ‘value’ related to ‘content’ have been given to ‘content-creation’.

Today’s internet (made up of blogs and vlogs) has been modeled to celebrates content-creators, ‘the perfect content-creator’.

Relegating the value of ‘content-curation and content-promotion’ in the evolution of ‘content’, blogs and vlogs have maintained a certain complex nature, neither curate-able or promote-able by everyone. For instance, not everyone can curate or promote a blog or vlog about ‘cryptocurrency’. For many, ‘cryptocurrency’ is a complex topic; difficult to consume, let alone curate or promote.

On the other hand, a cryptocurrency-related ulog (i.e a cryptoulog) is curate-able and promote-able by everyone. Possessing of a ‘U’ (You) element; a ulog is relatable to any human, regardless of its topic or niche.

In eventuality, people curate and promote ‘content’ that has been deemed ‘popular’ by say ‘millions’ (people) as opposed to ‘billions’ and even algorithmically, we are left with an internet that is static, one filled with fewer humans; a complex ecosphere, whereupon humans can’t relate and bots suddenly have more say.

It is not a coincidence either, that we have an internet, that constantly relegates ‘humans’ to the position of ‘clients’; where ‘blogs and vlogs’ (information) constitute ‘valuable product’. Alas, an internet, where ‘bots, rich cats, virtual babies, pokemon’ dominate.

Some can’t find their place on today’s internet, leaving it altogether or looking for outlets besides it.

Blockchain helped matters!

While blockchain technology can play a giant role in creating a dynamic internet, it is beginning to lose its potency in this regard.

Have we really managed to create a ‘new internet’ since the advent of blockchain, one that removes the ‘barriers’ present in our current internet?

One can quickly say “internet 3.0”, which is a great start but when you look more intently, even ‘internet 3.0’ is underlyingly static. Curbed it is by the same underlying ‘barriers’ inherent to conventional internet. Based it has been on ‘blogs and vlogs’, the basis for conventional internet.

Over the course of time, even in the presence of blockchain/cryptocurrency, we begin to shift back towards paradigms that the mainstream internet has deemed popular.

Yes, while we can now have an internet that is un-censorable by virtue of blockchain technology, we have maintained the content-base of the mainstream internet; that made up of ‘blogs and vlogs’, forms of content that is quite static.

Current internet seems to recycle information, constantly referencing information that has grown popular over time.

In general, i have interacted with the internet in a bid to identify what truly exists of it; the barriers, the illusionary barriers, its depth etc. I do this to eventually affect the advancement of the internet, using some of my innovations. Amidst a large span of barriers that have limited my interaction with the internet over the years, one being ‘my IP-location’, i began to develop unconventional ways of interacting with the internet (‘surpassinggoogle’) in a bid to remove these barriers for me and others and ulogging my way through, without even knowing the term ‘blockchain’, i found blockchain!

The first such blockchain that i had found was on ‘’, a content-based social media platform.

Upon the Steem blockchain, my quest for a ‘new internet’ continued. According to me, a public ledger that rendezvous humans, possessing of a reward-distribution mechanism that incites humans to incessantly evolve must be ‘powerful’, powerful things than ‘a revolutionary tech’ or ‘another comfort tool’.

Like i did with my internet-interactions, i began to interact with ‘blockchain’ in unconventional ways, using it too as ‘CCTV into the true state of the world’.

Valuing the ‘evolution of humans’ (spiritual) incessantly documented on this bare, immutable blockchain, I began to see even spiritual revelations. By virtue of how i interacted with ‘blockchain’, the Steem blockchain and ‘blockchain’ in general was no longer ‘a tech’. More testimonial and un-ordinary it can become, if applied as a tool towards ‘returning value to humans’.

I set into motion!

First, ‘content’ (human data) and its related activities, which is at the core of ‘blockchain’, must leave the ranks of ‘ordinary’ and should be celebrated (rewarded) as such. That said, ‘content’ (mine and that of others) was ‘un-ordinary’ to me and i treated it as such.

Note that the Steem blockchain, rewards ‘content’ using a reward distribution mechanism called ‘proof of brain’, where ‘upvotes’ (likes) rewards ‘quality content’ and ‘downvotes’ (dislikes) removes rewards from ‘content’ deemed to be of low quality.

While others may have assessed my content as ‘ordinary’ and measured its quality in terms of ‘financial rewards’, i measured my content, in terms of ‘real human growth’ and applied my content-creation to that effect.

‘Content-creation’ constituted a spiritual venture to me, me attempting to marvel myself, exerting my human virtues, exerting my human senses, tapping into my deep aspects, tapping into my shine etc in a bid to incite evolution in others, appealing to their soft-spot, attracting even their spirit. Before knowing it, i was ulogging. This affected how i interacted with content from others and eventually, how i curated ‘content’ as i will highlight later.

You can’t put a monetary price on a ulog; it is quite un-ordinary; it is quite human! It’s priced in terms of ‘mining the human’.

As a result, you can’t celebrate/reward a ulog sufficiently/efficiently, using a ‘proof of brain’ reward mechanism, for a ulog is designed to prove other aspects of human, besides ‘just brain’. Besides, if you measure its value using the same fanciful perhaps superficial standards for ‘blogs and vlogs’, you may consider it of low-quality.

Now, a ‘proof of brain’ model was fit for ‘blogs and vlogs’ but not everyone could blog or vlog and this became more evident, as i undertook the art of curation. If you look at some stats here, you will notice that i was able to reach thousands of people with ‘a like’ over the course of several years. However, curation for me, wasn’t simply a means to ‘like’ content, predict its quality and improve its visibility. It was more powerful art!

Even manually, i began to evolve an unconventional style to curation called ‘proof of tears’.

Considering content as ‘un-ordinary’, interested more in the ‘u’ (you) behind these content, i looked for things beyond ‘quality’. I would seek out, celebrate and reward, other facets of ‘content’, than just its ‘proof of brain’.

Yes, before the advent and establishment of ‘proof of tears’ as a reward-distribution model, that which now powers all my projects, i had began to implement this model within my simple art of curation, allowing me to reward ‘content’ (that another may have deemed ‘low quality’) for things like ‘effort, passion, mentality etc’.

To me, humans are un-ordinary. As a result, ‘content’, that created by humans, is un-ordinary.

Based on my experience with curation, it became obvious that ‘content-promotion’ was an important aspect of content evolution. Besides, it was a tangible human activity. In my conscious effort to ‘mine my human’ using the art of curation, i would go a step further into promoting this content. In my approach, i could promote content, however complex because i was looking past ‘quality’. On this note, i could consume content, regardless of its niche or complexity, enabling me to promote it. This isn’t the case for many others.

It became established, even with the luxury of ‘blockchain’, not everyone experienced the luxury of participating in ‘content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion’. These are tangible human activities that everyone should be capable of participating in, for ‘knowledge’ to be made whole. ‘Ulogs’ started to formulate!

Too, tangible human activities like ‘content-creation, content-curation, content-promotion’, can constitute avenues for humans to consciously ‘mine their human’ (ulogging).

While, ‘proof of brain’ (blogging or vlogging) forms the basis for the Steem blockchain’s reward-distribution mechanism, it was obvious that even subconsciously, people where ‘mining their human’, exerting other human virtues besides ‘the brain’. These blockchain users where gradually becoming reputable great minds too. To celebrate these tangible aspects of content too, the ‘proof of tears’ reward-model, started to formulate, seeking to reward activities that ‘mine the human’.

Many other things became clearer too as more history formed. To gain unadulterated feedback leading up to the establishment of ‘#ulog’, I had started ‘#untalented’, with an introductory contest called Who Are You and for among the first times in the history of the Steem blockchain, this contest produced more than ‘1000 post-entries’. Everyone could participate. Without promise of financial rewards, people simply wanted to ‘mine their human’. Less complex, easy-to-consume, within a few days, i was able to curate these 1000 post-entries too, reaching each of 1000 humans, with a timely heartfelt, even spiritual ‘like’ as the concept of ‘ulogs’ was formed, with especial insight from above.

When ulogs are involved, curation had more directional potency. With that simple ‘like’ action, you can encode a directional message, caring in the process about the ‘u’ (You) behind the content. Caring to spark ‘evolution’ (mining the human) among recipients of your vote, you begin to care about how you deliver your vote, factoring other tangible elements into your ‘vote’ like ‘timeliness’, interaction (vote + comment), celebration (vote + promotion) etc.

As mentioned earlier, on the Steem blockchain, there is another vote action called a ‘downvote’. This is an important element of the ‘proof of brain’ model, modeled for ‘blogs and vlogs’ (forms of content measurable today, in terms of ‘quality’.). This was the conventional (popular) solution for things like ‘plagiarism, copyright infringement etc’.

Even though i was in the midst of this comfort (downvote) tool, an easy-to-use boolean button for say ‘plagiarism’ etc on the Steem blockchain, i had decided to ‘mine my human’ as i formulated a solution, an approach that has led to the formulation of ‘ulogs’.

In eventuality, we have created a blockchain-born innovation called ‘ulogs’, a content-form that can spearhead the basis for a ‘new internet’. (Read more about my unconventional interaction with blockchain here!)

In the grand scheme of things, ulogging is an entire paradigm, an entire culture, premised around ‘mining the human’. This way humans, can tap into their shine and emit the resulting light. Then, we can reward the resulting ‘breakthrough in human’ using a ‘proof of tears’ model and an eventual digital currency called ‘TEARDROPS’.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2020.