Have You Heard Of BurgerSwap? Using BNB And Binance Chain For Yield Farming And Liquidity Pools?

So many people have heard of the ‘food DEFI trend’ and have participated but many have encountered high gas-fees and rug-pulls or exit scams with these projects too. Sushiswap got some issues affecting its growth, even though it is the most popular among the ‘food’ tokens. People have began to look into pearl-finance which is tron-based and other such options but how about burgerswap?

What is burgerswap? Can you participate in it e.g yield farming or providing liquidity on it? How is binance involved? Does it reduce gas-fees? Can you use it with metamask? Does it prevent rug-pulls? Is it centralized? etc.

Let’s find out, as you join a legitimate illiterate to look at it for the first time, in this cryptoulog. What does burgerswap and its presence on Binance smart chain and its endorsement from ‘CZ of binance’ say about ‘the DEFI and YFI space in general’? Will this impact the price of BNB for good? Can the price of BNB go as high up as ETH? What new trends should you look out for in the space of DEFI, YFI and food-DEFI in the near future, with the advent of burgerswap? I am a legitimate illiterate and these things are interesting to looking at overall, so join me. All will happen within a livestream, so tackle my errors too.

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Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on September 13, 2020.

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