Here is an inspirational livestream and ulog I have done to inspire you as your build your project and that I have shared with my group about your project:

I have never entered any presale on polkastarter. I admit i do not have POLS tokens but i have kept trying to apply for the public-pools by whitelist-applying, without success.

If you can give me a slot in your upcoming IDO, i will really appreciate it. This is my ETH wallet address: 0xa4E3D1Be71E1ff77Ec9eeCFfA4254631C06b4fC4

However, if you aren't opportune to, may you consider joining my group on my Telegram 'cryptoulogs' for an AMA or a livestream AMA on my YouTube channel 'UloggersTV'.

I also learned alot from covering your project as I try to build mine. I have a 66-min read (draft) covering my project here: