How And Where To Buy Cheap ‘Ryzen PC’ In Manila, Philippines During Lockdown?

Recently, i set out to buy two Ryzen PCs here in Manila Philippines for my ‘Macrohard hub‘ and judging by the scarcity of these products in Manila and the size of the masses out during this lockdown, looking to buy these PCs (as is evident from the giant populace of customers at Ryzen stores in Gilmore, Quezon city), there may exist the need for a video that tackles how and where to buy a Ryzen PC in Manila, Philippines during lockdown.

To help matters, i have tackled the subject in the ulog video below:

In my ulog video above, i covered all the options that you have, if you are located in ‘Manila, Philippines’ and wanting to purchase your Ryzen PC, whether ‘Ryzen 3’ or ‘Ryzen 5’ as soon as possible.

While the option of Facebook marketplace exists, even if you got a trusted dealer, they are likely to have you wait for days or weeks to deliver your ‘Ryzen PC’ to you. If you had to use marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada, that takes days too!

At ‘Gilmore’ in Quezon City, you can purchase your Ryzen PC as soon as today.

Even so, you will have needed to search a store that actually has ‘stock’ (of Ryzen), in conjunction with ‘all the parts that will make up your computer’. These PC stores at ‘Gilmore’ like to sell ‘PCs’ in ‘bundles’. This way, they can make ‘profit’ in such a way that allows to pay a reasonable price. Assuming that they do not have all the PC-parts that you want and have had to seek out those parts from other stores, the price you will end up paying for your Ryzen, will be drastically high.

In these lockdown period, Ryzen is quite scarce across ‘stalls’ even in Gilmore. Many who have ‘Ryzen PCs’ have old-stock and are likely to hoard it to sell to the highest bidder as ‘customers are quite scarce too’. Besides, there are many people as ‘Ryzen customers’.

Where do you go to then to buy ‘Ryzen PCs’ in Manila during this lockdown, at a reasonable price?

If you have seen the video above, i have answered your question in it. At the bottom of that video, i have also added the exact address and contact-information of a store in Gilmore of Quezon city, that is a supplier of PC-parts, especially ‘Ryzen’ and that will offer you a reasonable price from the outset.

If you haven’t my video above yet, here is where you can buy ‘Ryzen PCs’ in Manila during this lockdown, at a reasonable price:

KCAM store — ‘2ND floor, #25 Gilmore avenue, Cor. aurora blvd, Valencia 4, Quezon city. (Telephone: 86318307/87210359)

I compared ‘prices’ from a range of stores within ‘Gilmore, Quezon City’ to attain this conclusion. While you may find another store with a reasonable price in Gilmore, they may not have all exact parts that you need and where they have had to obtain these parts from other stores, your final-payment becomes high.

‘KCAM’ is a supplier!

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