Is Internet 3.0 Really Advancing The Internet?

1. What crypto/blockchain information are you looking for on regular basis?

  • Application-specific blockchain(s) modeled social-media, besides Steem/Hive.
  • What comes after blockchain?
  • A New Internet.
  • Internet 3.0

2. How do you find (this/that type of crypto/blockchain information) at the moment? How much does it cost you? Are you satisfied with the result? If not, why not?

3. How do you define the success in getting the relevant information? How will you know that you solved the task of finding (this/that type of crypto / blockchain information)?..

  • When the content derived has a ‘human’ element i.e it is not too geeky, documents human errors etc.
  • When the content derived tackles the nuances of the subject, answers even the tiny details etc.
  • When the content attained tackles the subject at hand with broad context i.e tries to cater to each human regardless of their levels of literacy or location.
  • When information is attained with fewer search-queries.
  • When information is evolutionary i.e it invites questions, ponder, suggestions etc.
  • When the information i have found is accessible also by every(any)one.

4. What are the disturbances you experience, while finding (this/that type of crypto/blockchain information)? What kind of corresponding problems do you have to deal with?

5. Please tell me about your typical encounter with this problem?

6. How often does it happen? When was the last time had to deal with this problem?(Has it occurred recently).

7. On what occasions do you usually run into the problem?

8. Why is it hard? The “Why is it hard?” question sounds ridiculous, yet is incredibly effective to understand the deeper motivations, fears and drivers.

  • A fear factor.
  • A shattered hope factor.
  • A battered human, loses out on his explorative abilities, making information-finding tough.
  • Zero inspiration.
  • Weak PCs.
  • Mediocre internet or expensive internet.
  • The internet can become a cycle.
  • IP-location factor.
  • A static internet makes finding the same information over the course of time, tiresome.
  • The internet served, is not served the same for everyone.
  • etc.

9. What have you tried in order to resolve the problem? What was wrong about those ways of resolving the problem?

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I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours

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Terry Ajayi

Terry Ajayi

I am a lot. A lot. I have many goals that are refusing to come to life. I am forcing it. Fuse me. Help me, help my voice be heard. The Internet’s mad man! Yours

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