Kindly Support The Set Up Of The Macrohard Startup In The Philippines.

I now have a hub, something i have pursued to have for two years now. It is called ‘Macrohard’. I have it rented for a few months and it is located in the Philippines near my house. It is a small one but it is a good start.

This is a recent video i did from within the hub:

Besides helping me restore all my online blockchain-based projects like ‘,,, the ‘ Teadrops digital currency’ to full-blown life, it will help me recover in my health and better take care of my dad who is ill. My poor health is my biggest deterrent.

The hub is still empty and i need one more strong push to set it into full-blown motion and i really need help. Please consider contributing to my crowdfunding efforts once again. I will help you in return. I have a value proposition for you here:

Kindly Donate.

If you would like to watch a 3-hour ulog video, about the history relating to the setup of the Macrohard physical startup, see this video:

Your Boy Terry


If you are located in Nigeria, here is an account you can send your donation to: (Bank name: GTB/Acct name: Joanna Ajayi/Acct no. 0125601400)

If you are in the Philippines and you want to donate via Coinsph or Gcash, my number is ‘09210779436’.

Originally published at on July 27, 2020.

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