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Derived from the curriculum of Legitimate Illiteracy is the verse, ‘Return Value To Humans’.

Underlyingly, ‘Return Value To Humans’ is a giant call-to-action. While ‘giant’, this particular giant action is one that is very easy to carry out. It is a very humanly-exhaustible action.

We live in world where humans relegate in their value, generation after generation. This is not a coincidence, neither is it any longer too ironical that as the world is said to advance ‘by their standards’, humans continue to decline in their value.

Superman, has more fans than a typical human.

Perhaps obliviously the world continues to apply themselves to innovations that are modeled to ‘remove value from humans’. Humans continue to lose their capabilities in the face of these so-called innovative comfort-tools. ‘Pursuit of happiness’ is that endlessly marketed narrative, a marketing terminology to keep products on sale; each human ‘a potential client’.

“Simple human-exhaustible actions” we no longer exhaust as we begin to render to ‘money’ the value of ‘our human’ instead….’why can’t you window-shop that Ferrari? Well, i don’t have money!’

We aren’t any longer testimonies to ‘value in humans’, not even entirely convinced of our own value. This being the case, we begin to doubt the value in fellow humans and vice versa.

The dynamics of this (‘removing value from humans’) is broad. It is an ‘entire curriculum’ and there are entire curricula (even entire nations) in place to sustain ‘a curriculum that removes value from humans.

Establishing the above as the ‘true state of the world’, it becomes obvious that ‘returning value to humans’ is a world-adjusting curriculum.

‘Return Value To Humans’ is the basis for the shirt below. May you obtain a copy of this shirt, adorn yourself in it, take up the mantle of ‘Returning value to humans’ and pass the message across to every passerby in your way, for ‘humanity is the brother next to you’.

Proceeds from each sale will go towards the setup of a physical hub called ‘Macrohard’ located in the Philippines, for ‘brother programmers’. Read more!

More About ‘Return Value To Humans’.

Here is a video that adds some context to ‘return value to humans’:

This a ulog-quote ‘Return value to human’ is derived from the curriculum of ‘legitimate illiteracy ‘.

Legitimate Illiteracy intends to reveal the ‘rare intel’ contained in the no-books as derived from the down-to-earth spaces of mama earth. This knowledge is tangible to the collective human evolution.

Well, to abate the rarity in the ‘great men’ industry, there needs to be a revelation of ‘the no-books’ to compliment what has been written of ‘the books’. By this means, knowledge becomes whole (balanced), better formulated for ‘human evolution’ and this is where ‘legitimate illiteracy’ comes in.

As seen in the video above, ‘the pursuit of happiness’, a popular narrative that permeates today’s world, underlyingly relegates the ‘value of humans’, distributing this value among products instead. How so? Contextually, it manages to propagate the narrative that anything of discomfort or sadness is foreign, further distributing value to products that may abate or eliminate these so-called foreign human feelings.

In the mix, ‘labels’ are incorporated. Systemically, each thing is labeled to stir divisions among humans, further distributing value among ‘products’, products tied to these labels.

Altogether, we begin to live in a painted world, a business center where ‘humans’ mostly constitutes ‘clients’ or ‘potential clients’.

However, a painted world is an unreal world. A ‘painted world’ (filled with real humans) is unsustainable. Thus, to sustain ‘a painted world’, the world has to be structured to continuously ‘remove value from humans’. For ‘balance’ sake, a bulk of the world should continuously ‘return value to humans; else, ‘where the world is headed is scary’.

May this publication bring some balance to our perception.

Your boy Terry


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Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on June 13, 2020.

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