Legitimate Illiteracy — Ulogs On The Verse “Dirt Is Good; Ask The Soap Master.”

Let’s start out the curriculum of Legitimate Illiteracy, with simple ulogging activities. Legitimate Illiteracy looks to reveal the content in the ‘no-books’.

Below, you will find today’s task, that of 12/7/2020:

Task at hand

Simply create a ulog, in the form of a video. Within your ulog, try to have a grasping of the ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ verse, “dirt is good; ask the soapmaster”, after applying your mind’s eye and spirit-side and expand on this verse as much as you can, connecting and applying the verse to as many scenarios as are applicable.

While the ‘Legitimate Illiterate’ verse “dirt is good; ask the soapmaster” can apply literally, it can also apply across every sphere of life, across every industry. Thus, relegate reservations and exercise all freedom in your expressions; ‘flaws allowed’. (Yes, you can find application for the aforementioned verse in any activity on industry, whether it is ‘Chemistry, Nursing, Wealth-creation, Bible understanding etc.’)

The U in Ulog, stands for You. All that is key, is that you use your ‘ulogging’ as an avenue to ‘mine your human’, exploring as many of your human ‘senses’ as possible, exercising as many of your human ‘virtues’ as possible.

Basically, within your ulog, attempt to be ‘diggist’ (i.e dig, dig, dig). Look to marvel your very self. Ponder anew; surpass ‘google’ in your approach to ulogging.

Look to resuscitate even redundant ‘intel’ deeply-rooted within your cores, innate only to you and reveal these tidings in your ulog, that by your very means, the world can collectively better-evolve.

Note: While looking at the verse “dirt is good; ask the soapmaster”, also apply this paradigm: “many answers lie in how many things you can see.”

Other Parameters

After the videos have been uploaded to UloggersTV, i will return to add your video-submission to this ulog and you can use the videos within a ulog, published to Steem and Hive.

If you want a new ‘.ulog’ Steem or Hive account, i can create one for you. Now, when you decide to publish your ulog to steem/hive, post it to the Ulogs community on either.

Special Note: More than anything, the value of your participation is in your ‘timeliness’. However simplistic, kindly participate and submit your video as soon as possible within the day, so that we can proceed to the next verse.

After i have seen all submissions, i will return a ulog video containing my feedback and further explanation on the ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ verse at hand.

Your boy Terry


Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on July 12, 2020.

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