Seeking Your Crowdfunding Support Passionately — Where Have We Reached With The Setup ‘Macrohard’, Philippines?

In this short publication, i will implore you one more time, with all my might, to join me in my crowdfunding ‘the setup a physical startup called ‘Macrohard’ in the Philippines.’

Setting up a physical startup in form of ‘Macrohard’ is something i have pursued in the last two years, without success. I am very passionate about setting it up and finally, we are closer than ever.

I have finally rented a space for Macrohard for a few months. This wasn’t the entire plan.

You will find the entire 6-months plan for this hub here:

Today, I created the video below from within ‘Macrohard’. In my video, i discussed what has been accomplished so far, what i want to accomplish in the nearest-term, why i need your timely support, what Macrohard seeks to accomplish overall and how i intend to help our ‘contributors’ in return:

Yes, today, i was in ’empty Macrohard’ and this is not a coincidence. As part of my 6-months plan for Macrohard, i am to start out in Macrohard by myself; it empty!

Macrohard is the 3rd of ‘three primary startups’ that will makeup the Teardrops digital-currency ecosystem. However, unlike ‘ and, Macrohard will start out in a physical hub, located in the Philippines.

As a result of my ‘deteriorated health’, i set out to setup a physical venture to back my online ventures.

  • — to propagate a form of content called Ulogs into the world and emanate uloggers globally.

Each of the aforementioned enterprises has a ‘proof of tears’ model; a model that incites humans to ‘mine their human’, emanating more ‘human shine’ into the world.

By rewarding the ‘human activities’ incited by these enterprises, we can celebrate the resulting ‘breakthrough in human’ with a ‘breakthrough digital currency’ called, TEARDROPS.

The TEARDROPS digital currency is an important part of our ecosystem. It is the currency that powers our economy. However, TEARDROPS isn’t just a digital currency. It seeks to reward activities that ‘mine the human’. It will also reward past deeds. It is an ‘emblem of human’.

I spoke about my projects briefly at Steemfest 4:

What I Need Currently?

I am still seeking the sum of 3300 USD

When it comes to your contributions, it is the ‘timeliness’ of it that is of utmost pertinence.

I will not wait to accrue so much; so any contribution is tangible. Whatever i have accrued, i will quickly put towards the hub, starting with the installation of ‘a solid internet’. Here is an ordered-list of upcoming near-term expenses:

  1. Internet starting at 35-MBPS — ‘100 USD’ to start.

Within the coming week, i need to have setup ‘internet’ at least, after which the motion starts.

The next immediate purchase will be ‘the split air-conditioner’ for the comfort of visitors, positioning us for a ‘grand opening’ and momentum shoots off from there upon.

I will go very hard once again for ‘6-months straight’, after which i hope to rest for my first time ever for a period of ‘6-months’.

Within the coming ‘6-months’, many things will have entered full-blown life with respect to my innovations (‘surpassinggoogle’) by Jehovah’s grace, for ‘there are dates now.’

Value Proposition

Where we have a accrued a solid base of ‘100–500 Hub members’ consisting of ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-experts’, we will look to help our contributors build and promote their ‘noble projects/initiatives’ at a minimal cost or for free.

For instance, we can dedicate ’50-videos from 50-brothers/sisters’ to propagating your brand or initiative, have someone code your tool/project or have a brother/sister create your brand-graphics etc.

Other ways we would like to help?

  • We can create an event in the Philippines dedicated to your cause or enterprise.

I can help in many ways!

Being a community-inclined initiative, we will focus on empowering youths starting out in the Philippines, emanating ‘entrepreneurs and experts’ across a variety of industries. Together, we will dynamically produce ‘down-to-earth innovations’ especially ‘innovations unique to blockchain technology’, impacting the Philippines directly and the world at large.

As part of our curriculum, we will create awareness to blockchain-based projects ‘e.g Hive’, further emanating ‘true fans’ of blockchain technology. One side project, that will introduce our visitors to blockchain is It currently has 2,000 user-profiles!

I currently have an online community made up of 5,000 blockchain-inclined people, focused on the ‘freelancing’ industry. At this stage of our evolution, it has become paramount to have a physical rendezvous avenue in the form of a ‘hub’ to enhance our impact in the physical Philippines.

How You Can Contribute?

The primary crowdfunding campaign has been ongoing for close to a month on Facebook.You can donate here:

  • My HIVE/STEEM/BLURT wallet: @surpassinggoogle

Another easy way to contribute to our seed-fund now, is by purchasing a ’15 USD’ T-shirt from our Teespring apparel store.

Proceeds from sales, will also go towards the setup of our Macrohard hub.

Contact Me

  • Email:

Originally published at on July 18, 2020.

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