Start Your Crypto Journey By Getting These Tools

Tangible Crypto Resources To Start Your Crypto Journey With.

If you end up needing troubleshooting help, contact ‘’ or ‘+639210779436’ (WhatsApp).

Rarest Crypto Offers.

  • Learn about crypto & NFTs faster than others in 1 day here!
  • Get 500 freshly-made crypto-educational videos of your own here!
  • Get the first crypto no-book.

Centralized Exchanges.

(You can sign on 3 of the features exchanges below for a start)

Non-custodial Crypto Wallets

Pick two from this category from a start.

Decentralized Exchanges

Start getting familiar with decentralized exchanges like…

Crypto Tracking Tools

Sign up for a Coinmarketcap account.

NFT Domains

Start your interactions with NFTs by getting a crypto-related domain free and forever.

  • Sign up to Unstoppable Domains here.
  • Obtain a free .NFT domain name. If you have a twitter account, follow the step found here.

Reach Me

  • Contact me via ‘’ or ‘+639210779436’ (WhatsApp)
  • Donate Crypto: surpassinggoogle.eth
  • Donate Paypal:



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Terry Ajayi

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