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In this livestream, the intention was to treat a certain YouTube channel called ‘Black Acres Of The Gambia’ as a case study, using the endeavor to pass a message across; the message being ‘do something today’.

We tend to talk too much. Especially, us boys.

During the course of the stream, two brothers joined in. Basically, we were to look on one channel on YouTube, see what they are doing ‘today’ and draw inspiration from their ‘current action’ to take action and ‘do stuff today’.

So, first a fashion designer hailing from Nigeria joined in. He has started the motion, he has done something, he is created fashion using the Africa touch. Even so, we discussed what more he can do on-the-spot, while in the midst of our live-stream conversation, today.

We played within the eco-sphere of his vision. We expanded on ‘the beauty of his vision’, establishing its potency even in terms of world-adjustment; why not go all out and give ‘fashion’ grander testimonial essence.

Then, we became more practical and looked at all the resources available to him ‘today’, starting with ‘his human’. Yes, we kept it simple; ‘while ‘creativity is at the beam of fashion’, not that you, your very-self is a creature, an object of creativity, so how much have your applied creativity towards evolving your creation, how much are your told about a creator, by virtue of your creation, you as a creation. How spiritual thus can you, when it comes to finding the creativity-base for your fashion or can’t fashion be spiritual, something that will go on to be adorned by people, creatures who are un-ordinary. If the world has come to see fashion as ordinary, won’t taking the route of ‘unordinary’ put you at edge that others can’t reach? etc. etc.

Next came a brother in the person of @adesojisouljay, who simply wants to have his own home video-creation studio. While exhausting the resources available to him ‘today’, we were able to spot that he could use his ‘text’ in the meantime to keep his dreams alive and in motion in the form of ‘dream-bits’ pending when his studio sets in. However, can you turn your ‘text’ even into ‘visuals’ to where it begins to ‘beautifully pierce’, appealing to the soft-spot of each human? Can you integrate ulogacies into each ‘text’ to where even your lowly ‘text’ animates with light, taking ‘lights’ courtesy of ‘your particular shine’ into every tunnel that no longer does any have to wait till the end of tunnels to find light. Can’t these things be done? Can’t these very things be done today, especially if we allow room our creation to function in place of waiting of Mr Gadget to arrive.

Even to a legitimate illiterate, this isn’t so far-fetched.

Without that visual can we lay bare our text in every expanse, staying present in the minds of random humans? Don’t you still have places like etc but what are these outlets to you; tools or ‘solution-bringers once again’?

Now, @adesojisouljay decided to use his ‘text’. He wrote to Steem and Hive ‘ulogging-style’ and someone came around to inspire his entries. What next? Will you grow entitled, ‘a solution-bringer arrived’ or will you testimonially use ‘the spark’ and begin to ‘stir solutions too’ as soon as today? Will you satisfy the whim for another meal or will you put your leg on the ground, stamp two or three meals aside, locate the ‘delicious’ in ‘starvation’, where you are able to buy a ‘webcam etc’ as your await that upcoming laptop etc. How about your current phone? What if you bought a solid microphone to compliment it, then start with that as soon as today.

“Help isn’t always entirely about quantity; it can be about ‘timeliness’ to even be considered HELP”. @surpassinggoogle

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Originally published at on April 30, 2020.

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