The First No-book Holder Appears In USA. A No-book About Blockchain, Life & Crypto.

Indeed the very first no-book holder appears in USA and we have a conversation reviewing the first no-book about cryptocurrency. It turns out a lengthy conversation and an especially inspirational moment for me. I am a legitimate illiterate and as I spoke I had recounted how I was able to incorporate ‘legitimate illiteracy’ into the niche of cryptocurrency and consequently contribute a ‘no-book’ to the niche of cryptocurrency, making for a simplified version of cryptocurrency.

Would you like to get your copy of a no-book? There is one for you and this particular one is a ‘no-book’ about ‘cryptocurrency’.

Even though this ‘no-book’ is quite ‘introductory’, it contains sufficient information to help you understand everything there is to understand about the ‘world of cryptocurrency’. It also prepares you for creating your own ‘DAPP, blockchain or cryptocurrency’, irrespective of your ‘level of literacy’.

We have also covered the subject of ‘life and humans’ and highlighted the role of ‘blockchain and cryptocurrency’ in relegating the position of ‘money’ in society.
In your very midst, we have applied ‘cryptocurrency and blockchain’ as ‘tools of revelation’, further unveiling the ‘true state of the world’.

Altogether, we have succeeded in incorporating ‘legitimate illiteracy’ into the niche of ‘cryptocurrency’.

This no-book contains 335 pages.

Here are some topics that was covered:

  • ‘Blockchain, DAPP & Cryptocurrency’ Dissected — Creating Your Cryptocurrency
  • What Is Tokenomics?
  • Creating Your Blockchain & DAPP
  • Learning About ‘Cryptocurrency & Blockchain’ Without ‘Whitepapers’.
  • Interacting With Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains.
  • ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ & Crypto
  • Basic Cryptocurrency-Related Tools & Resources.
  • Special Acknowledgement From The ‘Macrohard Hub

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Originally published at on January 1, 2021.

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