The ‘Grey-Print’ — How An Empty Macrohard Hub Will Go On To Succeed And Sustain Itself In 6-months. — Surpassinggoogle

  • 25mbps WIFI.
  • Wireless camera mic.
  • Studio lights
  • Where possible, a Logitech BRIO Webcam.

Month 3 & 4

Month 5 & 6


Learning further from all these proceedings, Macrohard will begin to create a programming language called ‘Macrohard’. I have started a prototype of this already. By this means, we will begin to ‘gather the nations to code with swag’.

Kindly Support My Cause To Setup A Hub In The Philippines Called ‘Macrohard’.

Value Proposition For Donors:

Where we have a accrued a solid base of ‘100–500 Hub members’ consisting of ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-experts’, we will look to help build and promote noble projects/initiatives on behalf of our contributors at a minimal cost or for free e.g we can dedicate 50-videos from 50-brothers/sisters to shouting out your cause or have someone code your tool or have a brother/sister create your brand-graphics etc.

You Can Also Support Me I Other Ways.

Contact Me:

  • Email:
  • Telegram: @surpassinggoogle
  • Discord: surpassinggoogle#1660



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