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My most valuable possession is a Bible. My second most valuable possession is another book, a small book that i have lost and it is ‘my mum’s diary’.

For this publication, i will write about third most valuable possession and it is a paper, a rumpled piece of paper, a paper which i like ‘rumpled’; a dirt paper.

It is the paper you see below:

The paper seen above contains the very vision within my dream and the dream is called ‘surpassinggoogle’.

What is surpassinggoogle? “Removing all barriers to entry from ‘everything good’, that ‘everything good’ becomes available to every(any)one”; “abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism”.

There is a rarity in the ‘great men’ industry; we fix this rarity, we surpass google. @surpassinggoogle

Yes, on that rough-looking dirt paper is contained the formation of ‘,,, the Teardrops SMT ecosystem etc; the underlying paradigms, the enterprise model(s), algorithms etc; the very vision within the dream.

There are many spiritual stuff on the seemingly physical paper.

I love rough-looking dirt papers. I have had myriads of these papers. I prefer these to books or diaries. On these, i can more effectively encode ‘world-adjusting’ rare intel.

“Dirt is good; ask the soap-master”. @surpassinggoogle

“Greatness isn’t that clean”. @surpassinggoogle

“Grow on deep”. @surpassinggoogle

As a young boy, i would have hundreds of rumpled papers in my school bag. Among my school books, at the very bottom of my bag, would be hundreds of pieces of folded/rumpled papers, each containing ‘a piece of my dream’.

My schoolmates wondered why ofcourse; especially ‘the girls’ couldn’t stand it and would gift me with booklets or diaries to write my pieces on. If my mum came across my bag, she would end up cleaning it up, throwing all these papers out as “trash”. That happened several times and unknown to her, several aspects of my dreams got lost, perhaps forever or maybe not, for i would ‘grow on deep’ once again in a bid to recompose my dreams, only to find new ones or ‘loopholes’. In any case, a lot went on in ‘my breed of dream-building’, an entire art played out; rough art. These stories and histories is a very important of ‘surpassinggoogle’. (Read more!)

Did they know though, how many things i did in this world of dirt papers? That each time, i was seeking ‘an aspect of my dreams’, i would have to manually unfold in some cases ‘100s of these rumpled papers, to consciously relive the words in each and re-dent ‘the vision within my dream’ into the depth of my cores? Did they know by means of these expanse of dirt papers, i was ‘evolving my dreams into levels of spanlessness’, keeping my dream alive in the form of ‘dream-bits’? Did they know that i did this on purpose? Is it explainable that i knew of these things even as a young boy?

May you know that even the elites in the ‘world of innovation’ today, usually skip the step of ‘evolving the dream itself into levels of spanlessness’ in their approach to innovation?

Yes, i dug, dug, dug, even of my own dreams. I became ‘diggist’ within the expanse of my dream ‘that i may evolve the dream itself into levels of spanlessness’.

As a result, now that ‘reality is in the making for my dream’, the substance of my very dream is well-established, deeply-rooted, unshaken by circumstance and ‘the vision within my dream’ is found? And that ‘ever-missing piece of the puzzle’, i found that too! Too, that i have done been an active part of ‘the histories and stories constituting surpassinggoogle’, i have become ‘surpassinggoogle’.

Among other things, by means of these ‘rough-looking dirt-papers’ (dream-bits), i wanted to spark evolution in others who come across ‘surpassinggoogle’. That they can evolve during the course of reaching me, they would have had to surmount an expanse of paper odds. They will have had to dig, surmount the so-called dirt, sift even of my so-called nonsense to find ‘sense’ therein; that each time through these unfolding, they would have reveal more of ‘the untold’.

I also used these papers as a sifter. While the concept of ‘like-minds’ what is renown, i was looking for ‘exact like-minds’. Now if you can un-rumple my encoding to get to the person of me amidst all the hassle and through the rubble; when you finally arrive in my space, relegate all reservations, for you are an ‘exact like-mind’. It is spiritual. Let’s go!

Your boy Terry


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Originally published at on April 19, 2020.

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