Ulog — Explaining What ‘Duduke’, A Word Used By ‘Simi’ Means, To African Americans.

In Africa not every word has a coined meaning or definition. Some words are formulated out of vibe, spirit and feelings.

English is limiting in general, limited! It is posed with fanciful-looking words and labels. It can manage to cap human capabilities and trap it into ‘labels’.

African words even the way English is spoken in Africa is with so much context. “Duduke”; I doubt is coined word.

I would describe the sound of a glowing, excited, beating heart with “duduke”; another may dig into his spirit and emanate the phrase “kpo kpo” to describe the same sound. The amazing thing is, very spiritually we can manage to understand these expressions somehow or at least the context of it, at a very human level.

Alas, to understand things of Africa, we may need to shed off some of the literacy and ‘god’, to tap into our human instead.

One may also need to shed off some of the ‘nation’ too, to see things of Africa.

Here is a ulog of me and @adesojisouljay, discussing the meaning of ‘duduke’, an expression used by Simi, in a song titled ‘Duduke’:

There is alot of these things that need to be told and i intend to tell it. It is very broad. When understood, the world at large can better collectively evolve. Much of knowledge that exists today by virtue of world standards is outer-space knowledge. We compliment that with down-to-earth knowledge, greatness is attained because knowledge becomes ‘whole’. We can then fix the growing rarity in the ‘great men’ industry, surpassinggoogle in the process.

I will like to create more ulog discussions like this, discussing these topics and any topic in the mind’s eye of a legitimate illiterate and for that i have a hub now, called ‘Macrohard‘.

This hub among other things, will help me in my journey to recovering in my health and will help me begin to take care of my dad who is ill, better.

As importantly, i can begin to reveal more effectively, some additional knowledge derived from the curriculum of legitimate illiteracy, tangible for the collective evolution of the world, for ”surpassinggoogle it is’.

To read more about Macrohard: https://uloggers.xyz/2020/07/18/seeking-your-crowdfunding-support-passionately-where-have-we-reached-with-the-setup-macrohard-philippines/

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Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on July 25, 2020.

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