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How will the Macrohard Hub begin to sustain itself starting out empty? This is an interesting question.

To understand this publication (the final part) better, kindly read part-one and part-two of it here:

Very coincidentally, i intend to start out this hub ‘empty’ i.e i will not wait to have things like chairs and fanciful stuff are in it, neither will i wait to have people to fill it before i start out in it. Once i have accrued enough money for 6-months rent of a hub space, i am going to rent it, then go into it.

At the outset, i will be visiting the hub myself. In it, i will sit, ponder, build and evolve. (I will also evolve the hub with physical props modeled to incite visitors to ‘evolve their human’).

Our target being to have a ‘successful self-sustaining hub at month 6’.

In the last 2 publications, i focused on “our first 4 months”. Within the first 2 months, the primary aim will be to ‘record 300 visits (300 humans) to the hub’. In this duration too, we will look to record ‘150 unique hub-videos’, featuring humans. At this stage too, we will begin to introduce a fashion-line that releases an ‘African-Print Attire’ per month; ‘attire’ that our visitors will need to purchase to be able to visit the hub and use its facilities, through each month.

Through month 3 and 4, we would have started to identify and establish a ‘network of brothers’ (in various industries). Introducing a school called ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ that inculcates a ‘brother paradigm’ amongst its students, we will begin to emanate a solid network of ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-graphic-designers etc). Students of this school be required to pay a monthly-fee, which we will refund (with a bonus), assuming they are able to participate in a daily regimen of curricular activities, that the school creates. In practice, our students, will be allowed to hone their expertise (“flaws allowed”), using our projects, developing these projects in the process. As our online ventures ‘e.g ulogs.org, steemgigs.org, marlians.com’ begin to attain full-blown life, we will have additional resources to sustain and expand our hub. More importantly, we will have a solid-base of ‘true fans’ (brothers) backing the success of our ecosystem.

Moving on…..(month 5 and 6)

This particular publication will cover the premise of ‘month 5 and 6’ and look into the future.

Note that Macrohard is one of the core enterprises under ‘ Teardrops ecosystem’ (an ecosystem that will eventually use a digital currency called TEARDROPS)….

Macrohard — is an enterprise focusing on enabling ‘everyone’ to become capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a programming protocol in which ‘everyone’ can suddenly ‘code with swag’.

En-route building our respective projects, there have been issues with seed-funding especially in the face of my illness. (I have been able to build two of our three main projects so far ‘i.e ulogs.org and steemgigs.org’ until their alpha-stage on my limited financial/health capacity.)

Thus, instead of starting out ‘Macrohard’ as an online venture (as was intended), i have decided to start out Macrohard in an empty physical hub (in the Philippines), in a bid to fix my ‘seed-funding limitations’ and that of others.

One reason for setting up a hub thus, is to cover fix this issue of “seed-funding” once and for all, for my projects and for myriads of others (especially ‘project-owners who are non-programmers’).

We will need to emanate a solid network of ‘brother talents’, those who can learn to contribute to the success of a fellow brother’s dream, even for free, for the sake of playing a role in historical history.

There is a rarity in the ‘brother-programmer’ industry. Well, there is also a rarity when it comes to ‘down-to-earth paradigms in the world of innovation. The world at large is still very novice to the true state of the world, limiting innovation. Where we can emanate a solid ‘network of brothers’ across every industry, we can fix many things.

At month 5, we will have a flourishing school called ‘Legitimate Illiteracy and one of its courses will be ‘brother programming’. At this stage however, our programmers will have evolved in their brother-programming expertise and we will become more aggressive in completing the development of our online ventures e.g ulog.org, steemgigs.org, marlians.com, setting them into full-blown life.

  • Ulogs.org — to propagate a form of content called Ulogs into the world and emanate uloggers globally.
  • SteemGigs.org — to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, whereupon “everyone has something to offer”.

This also means that ‘TEARDROPS’, the digital currency that will power our economy, will attain life.

Having our online ventures up and solidly running, we will now have a solid-base of say ‘500 true fans’ backing our online enterprises. Over the years, we have already accrued some ‘5,000 online users’ across the internet who await the fruition of our projects, meaning that our online ventures will begin to succeed from the outset.

Beginning to really move together, we will displace mount Kilimanjaro by 50km at 50km/hr.

At month 6, we will start to build ‘macrohard.pro’ and more rapidly so, as we will have had three ‘already well-developed online-platforms’ that we can replicate.

Macrohard.pro will form a social media platform for ‘brother programmers’. It will help and support project-owners, especially those who are ‘non-programmers’ to build their projects. Having a solid network of ‘brother-programmers’ at this stage (stemming from our physical hub), we will be able to offer consultancy services as well for ‘project-owners’, that helps them build their projects even in the face of ‘seed-funding limitations’. In many cases, we will look to fund the development of their projects using the TEARDROPS digital currency.

As we attain ‘one stable self-sustaining hub’, we will have an established ‘grey-print’ to replicate our success. At this stage, we will start to contact mayors across the Philippines, proposing to them our ability to impact the nations, that they may support us in setting up several Macrohard annexes across the Philippines. Then, we will begin to venture into setting up Macrohard annexes across the globe.

At this stage too i.e after month 6, i will be able go on to attaining a full-recovery/health-rehabilitation lasting at least 6-months long. This way i can become a better son to my dad, a better brother to my sisters and ‘your boy terry’ to the world at large. Most importantly, i can become a better son to our father Jehovah.


Learning further from all these proceedings, Macrohard will begin to create a programming language called ‘Macrohard’. I have started a prototype of this already. By this means, we will begin to ‘gather the nations to code with swag’.

Note that our Macrohard hub will emanate ‘down-to-earth innovations’ dynamically. Filled with humans (brothers) who are in a state of incessant evolution, we will stem forth ‘innovations of revelations’, innovations untold to today’s painted world yet tangible to its collective evolution, innovations that propagate ‘breakthrough in human’. From this hub, we will emanate generation-fixers, abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism.

Read more about the beauty of Macrohard!

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Originally published at https://hive.blog on May 31, 2020.

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