Unilayer Exchange Lists $WLEO — How About Trading $WLEO With Limit Orders & And Fees As Low As 0.49$

Unilayer is a gem and practically cures Uniswap. An entire DEX based on Uniswap with CEX-level features for Uniswap-gem like ‘$WLEO’ to find extra-home.

Uniswap has been a gem all along; a DEX-protocol modeled for ‘DEFI’ but not sufficient on its own for powering ‘decentralized financing’, needing of sophisticated features like charts, market analytics, limit orders, low fees etc.

Unilayer is fixing the aforementioned limitations and it is something to celebrate.

Compared to trading directly on Uniswap, Unilayer trading-fee appears to be drastically low, static at ‘0.49$’ for buy/sell orders.

Unilayer derives data from Uniswap and allows you to set your buy/sell orders for future trades, like you would on any advance exchange. It works with Metamask too! ‘$WLEO’ is already listed on Unilayer, it being a Uniswap-gem and you can consider that another exchange-listing for $WLEO. (Perhaps, still oblivious to this extra-listing, i am hoping that this notice manages to inspire ‘@khaleelkazi and @leofinance’, however small.)

People who want to trade $WLEO directly against ETH, without the typical wrap/unwrap path can do so directly on Unilayer at extremely low fees and can take advantage of market-action by pre-setting buy/sell orders for the future.

In this video, i didn’t establish whether Unilayer has been audited or if that is required. It is a new project and that is something to consider in your research. The below video is a cryptoulog and all my establishments, those of a ‘legitimate illiterate’, occurred within the course of a livestream.

I will soon resume fuller activity. I am still struggling with burying my dad. It has been 14 days already since he passed.

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Originally published at https://uloggers.xyz on October 11, 2020.

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