Winplay (WNRZ) About To List On Uniswap — Will It 100X? Defi, Yield Farming, Large Community.

Winplay (WNRZ) will list on Uniswap ‘3 or 4 hours’ from now and the Winplay project has a existed for a long time, only to enter the DEFI space now. It has a large community and integrations with many crypto-projects.

WNZR is slated to have have a small supply and the Winplay project is dedicating a large ETH/WNRZ-fund to provide the ‘initial liquidity’ upon uniswap-listing, reward liquidity providers and reward yield-farmers. Plus, they have added an interesting gamification element to their tokenomics, making for a ‘WNRZ’ with the capability of soaring.

To make more valid conclusions, we take a look at the project for the first time together in this cryptoulog, within a livestream.

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It is time to look out for projects that can function as projects, DEFI and yield-farming constituting additional elements to their overall function. Projects that are entirely YFI/DEFI-based aren’t very sustainable and at times like this, Winplay’s WNZR could come in handy as it has had a successful working product prior, ‘DEFI’e serving to expand their wings.

Typically, is a gamification application that provides a protocol for cryptocurrency projects to run events, giveaways, airdrops etc.

By means of this ‘gamification-innovation’, they grown into a large community, with one of the biggest telegram groups in the space and a social reach of 100,000 people: ’52K’ on Twitter.

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Originally published at on September 16, 2020.